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Doula 104

Doula 104 -Prenatals

Congratulations on getting matched with a mama!  Whether this is a scheduled prenatal process or a volunteer cold birth, you will acquire a skill set that will prove valuable in any setting.  Identify and understand how to best serve the mother's needs, and by extension, anyone else involved in the birth dynamic.  Meeting the family where they are, timely introduced words, actions and accessories that match the setting and the needs of the laboring woman will contribute greatly toward the success and empowerment of all present.
Registration for the Finishing series classes closes 1 week prior to each class and each class has a cap on how many we can take. Sign up early! We need time to get handouts etc. in order for each class.

Doula 104
Class fee: $50

August 23rd
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Limited seats available

Must have completed a training with a certifying organization. (DONA, CAPPA, To Labor, Pro Doula, Madriella, SDB).

If you are a Hearts and Hands volunteer doula from UCSD and are interested in participating in the BEC doula matching referral program, you need to go through a certifying organization training first. We recommend the DONA training with Gerri Ryan.

This class is for doulas in training, working toward their certification.

For questions: Please email:

No refunds given after 1 week prior to class and if you miss due to a birth, your registration will stay on the books until the next time the class is offered so you don't miss it.

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