The Birth Education Center of San Diego
   Empowerment Through Education
I found HypnoBirthing after being told that I was allergic to all the drugs that were to go into my planned epidural! After crying for two weeks over it - I began my search for an alternative to the medicated birth I thought I wanted. I will be forever grateful for those allergies!
HypnoBirthing is breathing, relaxation, visualization and fear recognition. Don't let the name fool you - it's not for hippies and Yogini's - although they are more than welcome in our classes!! We know there are a lot of fears associated with childbirth in our country. Those fears should not hold you back from having an amazing birth experience. Once you know your options for birth and realize that it is a natural process that women do all over the world without all this fuss - you being to believe in your body and it's ability to birth.

Birth partners are a key component in HypnoBirthing and the three of us work side by side to achieve your birthing goals. Educating yourselves and  then finding the right care provider is the first step - then classes and then practice.

I am here to answer an questions that you may have so give me a call or email me. You can do this - I know you can!

All makeup classes are $100 and to arranged with the teacher individually - we do not have availability for you to sit in on another class at another location.

Classes are taught in a 5 week series as required by the HypnoBirthing® Institute. Classes are  2 1/2 to 3 hours in length. Classes start on time and end on time because  I am respectful of your various schedules.

The HypnoBirthing® textbook and Rainbow Relaxation CD set are included in the price of the class, as well as all handouts.

It is recommended that you take the classes sometime between month 5-8 of your pregnancy. However, it is never too early to sign up. The earlier in your pregnancy that you take this class, the more time you will have to practice! And, it is never too late either.

You can always benefit from taking the HypnoBirthing® classes regardless of when you take them. Moms that have taken private classes during their last weeks have had as much success as those that took the classes in the first trimester.Parents have more options finding the most supportive care providers when they take the class earlier.

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Fee: $375 for 5 week series
payments available
Starting with the series in July, all Classes taught by care will be $525
Class payment needs to be paid in full 1 week before class begins...

Hillcrest - Wonderful and Wild

1007 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92103

*Scripps Ranch/Mira Mesa- Birth Education Ctr-  
                9845 Erma Rd, Suite 202
San Diego, CA

*Northpark - Whole Family Wellness Center:
                     4443 30th Street

*North County Del Mar- Riverpath Chiropractic
2201 San Dieguito Dr. Suite B
Del Mar, CA 92014

Next Open Series:
All makeup classes are $100 and to arranged with the teacher individually - we do not have availability for you to sit in on another class at another location.

July 11-August 8 Whole Family Wellness w/Debbe
July 15 - Aug 12 Riverpath Chiropractic w/Amy

July 20 - August 17 Wonderful and Wild w/Briana

Aug 1 - Aug 29 Birth Education Center w/Care
Aug 15 - Sept 12 Whole Family Wellness w/Britney

Aug 16 - Sept 13 Riverpath Chiropractic w/Debbe
Aug 19 - Sept 23 Riverpath Chiropractic w/Debbe
Aug 24 - Sept 21 Wonderful and Wild w/ Ashley

Sept 12 - Oct 10 Birth Education Center w/Care
Sept 19 - Oct 17 Whole Family Wellness w/Debbe

Sept 20 - Oct 18 Riverpath Chiropractic w/Kylie
Sept 28 - Oct 26 Wonderful and Wild w/Briana
Sept 30 - Oct 28 Riverpath Chiropractic w/Britney

Oct 17 - Nov 21 Birth Education Center w/Care
Oct 24 - Nov 28 Whole Family Wellness w/Britney

Oct 25 - Nov 29 Riverpath Chiropractic w/Ashley

Nov 2 - Dec 7 Wonderful and Wild w/Ashley
Nov 4 - Dec 9 Riverpath Chiropractic w/Debbe

Dec 5 - Jan 9 Whole Family Wellness w/Debbe
Dec 6 - Jan 3 Riverpath Chiropractic w/Amy
Dec 16 - Jan 20 Riverpath Chiropractic w/Britney
Dec 14 - Jan 11 Wonderful and Wild w/Briana

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