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Release & Relax

An Evening with Just Pregnant Mamas

Release & Relax

Spend an evening with Care of San Diego HypnoBirthing - deepening your relaxation techniques while connecting with your baby and yourself.

We are so excited to finally offer this extension of HypnoBirthing  relaxation  for pregnant mamas only. Let us pamper you with an evening session of relaxation, visualization and connection. We can’t wait! (THIS CLASS IS FOR ALL EXPECTANT MAMAS - not just HypnoBirthing ones)

This class is designed to be taken as soon as you have signed up for HypnoBirthing classes or even after your series has begun. You can enjoy these sessions several times before you give birth - curriculum changes each time.

Please plan on arriving early(15 min) - we will be starting promptly on time and you won't want to miss a second!
Release & Relax Session
Birth Education Center Location
Hosted by: Care Messer
Class Fee: $45.00
Limited spots available - Pregnant Mamas only)

July 14th
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August 11th
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September 8th
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November 10th
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December 8th
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What Moms are Saying...
"I had so much fun at the class. I met some like minded moms who will have babies the same age as mine! I feel so much more prepared now! Thanks for hosting!" 

"Very easy to follow along even though I have not taken the classes. I enjoyed the relaxation that connected me to my baby and I am excited to learn more about HypnoBirthing."

"The message of empowerment was great. This would be good for moms taking hospital classes too!"

"I wish it were two hours longer! It was nice to just sit and be. I don't want to leave right now. The affirmations were great - loved it!"

"It's just what I needed to connect with my baby. Nice to chat with other pregnant women."

"It was good to have the reminder of practice and relaxation to keep up the momentum before labor and birth. I will be coming to the next one for sure."

"It re-centered & re-focused me. I need it more often. I really enjoyed the bonding visualization and final relaxation."

"I feel more bonded with my baby & feel more in tune with my body."

"Thanks so much for the class on Friday!I really loved it and made some new friends which is good because none of my friends have babies yet!"
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