The Birth Education Center of San Diego
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VBAC 101
This class will help expectant parents prepare for a vaginal birth after cesarean, or VBAC. Need a birth re-do? This time it's going to be different. VBAC 101 will give you the evidence based education to improve your options and chances for the best birth possible. We will be debunking VBAC myths, going over current statistics and helping you to find the best care provider who will support your wishes and keep you safe. We will help you overcome your fears and process your last birth. Labor helps will also be included and much, much more! This class is taught by a VBAC mom! Become more confident in your choice - mamas only.

Side note: We have had partners attend in the past and both sides held back their true feelings to protect each other. Not much headway was made. We suggest moms come to this, process, and then attend Comfort Measures with their partner after we have helped formulate a birth ideal for this next baby. That has worked SO much better according to our mama feedback. Please contact us with any concerns or ideas.
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