How To Manifest Anything – Doula Series Ep. 5

By: Care Messer Birth Doula, Doulas, Education January 31, 2019

Making New Year’s resolutions is not productive in my life. Resolutions are just another thing I will use to compare myself to other people and make me feel like I’m never going to measure up. That my friends, is a waste of time. Life is too short for that nonsense. What I have found works better for me, produces actual results and keeps me moving forward is a vision board. Vision boards help you get clarity around what you want in your life, what you want to cultivate in relationships and where you want your business to head. The more specific the better. Everything begins with an idea. You see it, ask for it and then create what it will feel like inside once you actually receive what you are asking for. It’s that feeling that sets of your new chain of events. In this video you will see how I create my board each year and a glimpse into how to personalize your for results. Remember that just placing a picture on a board is NOT going to do anything – feeling it and putting action behind it is what delivers the goods!

Video Transcript:

– Today we are going to talk about vision boards, one of my favorite things to talk about because it works for business, it works for personal growth, and they’re really fun. All right, so why do we do a vision board? Some people think they’re hokey, some people think it’s dumb, they don’t understand what the purpose is behind it. The reason we do a vision board is because we’re trying to go towards something, and we wanna have our intentions manifest. So it’s not a goal board. I hate goals, I don’t do goals, I don’t do resolutions, but I do do intentions and I work towards something. And a vision board’s a daily reminder of that. And they work. When you’re putting your intention towards where you wanna go, and you have a visual reminder of it that you see every day, you start putting action behind that, and you start manifesting things on it. So I’ll tell you when I first started business, I had a visualization that I did every day. It wasn’t a vision board, but what it did was it helped me manifest in my brain by seeing it, eight babies around the room. And I saw the parents obviously, but I was looking at the big bellies, and I was seeing how I was going to teach that many women every day. And I started seeing full classes, and I then more importantly started feeling what it felt like to walk into a room with that many parents. And slowly but surely, I had one couple, then one couple again, then two couples, then it was four, which kinda freaked me out ’cause I had four all of the sudden and I had eight names to remember. And then it went back to three, and then it was six the next time, and then I saw myself the next year in a bigger room with more pillows, and able to hold more space for more families. Bigger room, more babies, and that visualization and the feeling that I put behind it is what worked. And it’s exactly the same thing as athletes do. They see themselves running the race, crossing the finish line, and getting to their goal. They don’t see themselves stumbling five feet before. They put out the vision, they see their muscles working, and then they start doing the active work to get their bodies in shape for that final goal that they’re seeing. That’s all it is, and it works. So whatever your higher power is, Buddha, God, the universe, whatever your higher power is, you have to ask before you can receive. So you need to put out your request, and then put action behind it towards that request in order to receive it. You have to see it before it happens in order for it to work. So, again, we’re not doing goals, we’re doing intentions, and the reason I put intentions intentionally is because intentions allow way more compassion for the days when we don’t accomplish what we’re looking to accomplish, when we don’t get up and do the actions that we’re supposed to do, but yet the next day we reset, we look at our vision board, and we start over. You have to find compassion in yourself because we’re not always perfect, and we’re not gonna be 100% all the time. So if you have an intention and you’re working towards it, that’s how you’re gonna complete it. So what a vision board isn’t is it’s not wall art, you don’t put this time and energy into something you’re going to throw up on the wall and never look at it, or put it behind a door that’s always open so you never see it. You need to focus on it, you need to look at, and then you need to start thinking about the intention of action you’re going to put behind it. Let me give you an example. I had a doula in town who was at the bottom of the barrel for her business. She had experience but didn’t know where to start, and was super frustrated thinking, “All this is going out the tubes, “I’ve gotta get another job, “this isn’t gonna work.” So we reset and we started thinking about what we wanted to focus on, which was two moms a month, the perfect client for us, and what actions we needed to do in order to get there. We laid out what her social media business was gonna look like online, we laid out what the review we’re gonna look like, we had a focused energy on where we were going. So she had action steps to take every single day, even though there was no business coming in, no phone calls, no nothing, and the cool part is just two days ago she called and said, “It’s working.” And she didn’t think it was possible. Putting action towards what you want to happen is where you’re gonna get the end result. So what happens if you look at that board and you’re like, “None of this is possible right now. “And I have so much debt and I don’t have any time “and this isn’t going to work.” Then start focusing on gratitudes around the area that you need improvement. So, for example, get that five minute journal again and start writing out three gratitudes towards that bit, every day. You might not get anything accomplished but you’re gonna start to feel the energy of how grateful you are that you even have something to look forward to. So look at your business. I don’t have any clients but I’m so grateful that I’m going to have clients, and I’m so grateful that I can be reading and getting everything set up for more skills and a better mindset for when those moms make that phone call. Start focusing on what you want instead of focusing on the fear, because if you focus on the fear it’s what you’re gonna get every single time. We’re focusing on forward thinking and changing our mindset with the vision board, and it works. uplifting music) So I create mine in a kind of different way. You can create it however you want, you can do the square board, long board, rectangle board, whatever you want. I personally do round boards because what goes around comes around. It’s kind of the energy, it’s the circle of life. What you put in front of you is what you’re gonna get in the back of you. You put out negative energy, that’s exactly what’s gonna catch you in the butt in the end. So the round board is also a visual for looking forward to something and having it come full circle, so that’s why we do a round board. I will tell you I’m gonna give you a little disclaimer. I was a little extra this year and I put fuzzy balls around mine because I didn’t have any glitter, or it would have been all glittered ’cause I usually have glitter on it. When we’re doing the round boards, I lay them out because if I have specific things that I’m gonna be looking for then it’s clear for me to be visual. I’m very visual. At the top I always put gratitude because I need to be able to be thankful and keep that in the forefront of my thoughts. I always put self or for self in the middle, so that could be my beliefs, that could be what I wanna focus on. Mine has meditation on it. I’ve got some crystals for clarity. You wanna focus on yourself in the middle because this is about you and your board. You can put family on the sides but in the center is where you need to be focusing on the most action, obviously self-growth. So then we’re gonna have fun and pleasure. I keep that at the top because I don’t fit it in in my life as much as I should, and I want it to be at the core, just to the side, so that I see it more often than anything else. And then I have what I need to do for family, and I’m gonna talk about my special needs daughter in a minute, but I make sure that my family’s on there so that I am working them into my business life. I’m single, I have a special relationship place. It can be relationship with friends, family, coworkers, parents, whatever you want, but what you’re focusing on right now. So, like I mentioned before, I have a special needs daughter who I’m sole support of, and when I have my vision board I always put out her equipment needs because they’re things that I need to work towards but they’re very expensive, obviously. A stroller, a hot tub for her stretches, and for the last five years I’ve had a white Honda Odyssey van on my board because it was the right wheelchair van, and the heavier she got every year the closer I knew I was to having to get that van, but also knowing that I didn’t have the finances for it. So what happened this last year was a fundraiser that blew up, and within two days not only did we get the van but I had ordered a silver van. It was the lower-range van because that’s the money that we had. I thought a silver van would be easier to keep clean than the white one I had on my board, and when we went to pick it up there was white van that I walked past and the guy said, “No, this is your van.” And I said, “I ordered silver.” And he said, “Actually, I made an executive decision.” I’m gonna cry. “And we actually spent an extra 20 thousand dollars “and got you the souped up van “that has all the bells and whistles “because we knew this was gonna be a long-term van for you.” So not only did I order what I thought I was gonna be getting, I actually got the one that was on my vision board. If anyone’s a true believer of that these vision boards work, it’s me. And especially when it comes to the needs of my daughter, she’s always taken care of, and putting out the energy and the work behind it is what’s gonna make it happen. Then we also wanna have our business section. What are you trying to manifest or bring into your business? Is that the number of clients, the number of moms, the number of students that you’re having, or is it what you’re trying to attract as far as education and experience? Another thing that I’m focusing on this year, and also worked on last year, but this year actually put it on my board, are the four agreements. And I printed them out, put them right underneath me, and that’s what I’m gonna start focusing on. I need to see them everyday in order to complete them and to work towards them. And then obviously there’s a money section, and with the money section let me give you a really good tip. You want a pink piggy bank, and the reason you want a pink piggy bank is because a pink piggy bank symbolizes money coming in and also money being saved. It’s a really good visual and it helps you look towards the money. I also have words like “energy” and “exchange” with that, and of course there’s a dollar bill sign in diamonds because why not? Obviously, when you look at my vision board it’s full of words because I am a visual word person. I am motivated by words, I’m motivated by phrases, I’m motivated by quotes. A lot of people don’t have as many words as I do but I need those to get to where I’m going, and I’m very clear with my words and I want to be intentional. Another thing that I do that a lot of people don’t is I Google Image what I want and what I see so that it’s very crystal clear. A lot of people will go through magazines and that’s fun too. I just don’t have the time to do that, so I Google Image what I want in the exact form that I want it. So you can see how it all comes together. Mine has a ton of words on it, yours does not need that, but the roundness and the focus and the clarity of what exactly is happening is what keeps me on track everyday. So every January we get together as a community. Right now we’re doing it at the Birth Education Center. And all the doulas get together, they bring a vision board, or we have one here for them, and we start to cut out magazines. We eat, we laugh, we talk, and we work as a community to build each other up and find the right words for each other. Somebody needs this, somebody needs that, and we start to help each other build our boards, which unifies us in our goals for the year. So, once again, I want to remind you of the reason for this board. First is to find clarity in where you’re going and where you’re heading. Next is the daily visualization and feeling the feelings that that picture represents, so that you can start to create it in your life. And, third, it reminds you of the work and the actions you need to put behind it in order to get there. Because if there’s no work, there’s no reward, and that’s just a life-long principle. So get to work on your vision board and let us see. Post them in the comments. So remember to like this video, share it with a friend, and don’t forget to visit us at

About the author:
Care is the founder of the Birth Education Center, San Diego HypnoBirthing and Cuddle Sanctuary San Diego. She is a Birth Educator, Hypnotherapist, Birth and Postpartum Doula, INNATE Care Provider, Erotic Blueprint Coach and also professional Cuddler. She specializes in connection work between people and increasing self boundaries for a more balanced life together.