Morning Routine For Success – Doula Series Ep. 2

By: Care Messer Birth, Birth Doula, Doulas January 19, 2019

A good morning routine starts your day off right and that is so important for a creating a successful business. As a new doula, you may not recognize that YOU ARE NOW A BUSINESS OWNER! Looking professional is a habit and feeling professional comes from working on YOU before you work on your business. All successful women in business have habits they cultivate daily to build self-confidence, increase their skill set around goal achieving and things that keep them focused on the magic they want to create in the world. Here are some ideas that work for me – and I encourage you to research the women you admire and see what they do too! Start today and just practice. You will tweak things as your life unfolds but START this powerful habit for change now…

I multitask in the morning. While I am getting ready, I have motivational You Tube videos playing in the background OR a book on Audible that I am listening too. Since everything I am reading or watching is focused on birth or self-improvement, I am getting two things done at once and it automatically makes me feel more productive. Since I have a special needs daughter, I have learned to make the most of every minute I have available.

Daily, morning meditation/prayer has not only become a habit but it has become an essential practice in my life. As I learned more about what successful people had in common, a solid meditation practice was on everybody’s list. I figured it couldn’t hurt – it’s just sitting quiet for a few minutes and I probably needed a bit of slow down in my life. What I found was that it turned my mind to more gratitude for all that I had been blessed with and gave me a chance to listen to the whisperings of my heart. My days simply go better when I take this time to devote to God/Spirit/Universe. I am calmer and more focused on what I have to get done and I accomplish more. My excuse of not having enough time to meditate evaporated when I took note at how much time I scrolled through social media feeds each day. So I scroll fifteen to twenty minutes less a day and say thank you for fifteen to twenty minutes more.

Setting intentions every day was made simple when my friend gave me the 5 minute journal for Christmas. It is proven that if you write down your goals/intentions that they are more likely to happen. This little journal takes hardly any time and keeps me on track. Intentions for the day are recorded along with things that I am grateful for. They are in my mind and my day kind of follows that flow. At the end of the day, you sit back down and recap how you did. It’s a great tool!
All of these tools keep your mindset in a positive frame and allow for forward momentum. It can be a slow start to getting a new business off the ground and that can feel heavy and overwhelming. The choice is – you can stay focused on how bad that sucks OR how you can prepare everyday for the babies that are on their way. I have found that when work is your passion – it’s not work. I have also found that there are some things in business that are NOT my favorite ways to spend my time but they are necessary in owning my own business. A positive mindset keeps me motivated in getting the “chores” done so I can get back to the sexy parts that I love.

It takes action to get your “job” to where you see it working for your life. For some that may be one birth a month and for others it may be four. You will learn what feels like a good fit for you along the way. But keeping a consistent morning routine will really help you create that reality in a more efficient way!

About the author:
Care is the founder of the Birth Education Center, San Diego HypnoBirthing and Cuddle Sanctuary San Diego. She is a Birth Educator, Hypnotherapist, Birth and Postpartum Doula, INNATE Care Provider, Erotic Blueprint Coach and also professional Cuddler. She specializes in connection work between people and increasing self boundaries for a more balanced life together.