Comfort Measures in Labor

Book Class

COST: $75 PER COUPLE So you took your Birthing class, read your books, heard some birth stories, checked out You Tube and Facebook - and you STILL DON'T FEEL FULLY PREPARED?? Then this class is for you!

Comfort Measures in Labor puts it all together. We'll give you a play by play on how labor progresses and what to do at each turn. This is a hands on, "full dry run" type of class. Birth Companions will gain confidence in putting into action the tools you already have and the new techniques we will demonstrate.

You will learn how to incorporate darkness(so the brain works more efficiently) positioning, relaxation, visualization, massage, and breathing into your labor and birth. Movement and touch facilitates your baby moving down and out.

Share ideas with other class members you have picked up along the way - and we'll practice those as well. Whether you are planning a natural or medicated birth - staying home and laboring comfortably and without fear and worry is very possible and a great way to begin the journey of welcoming this little one into your family.

Where: The Birth Education Center

Cost: $75 per couple