Let’s Talk About Hypnobirthing…

Do You Want A Natural Birth But Don’t Know Where To Start?  (5 Week Series: $450 per couple)

Are you scared of labor to give birth?

Have you been avoiding the idea of birth or Lamaze type classes because you are overwhelmed with all the options for education?

Are you afraid that you won’t be able to handle the pain of giving birth and will feel like a failure if you get medication or an epidural?

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Birth Is Scary For Most Of Us.

For new parents, birth is new and uncharted territory. THAT can be quite intimidating. Even with the excitement of this new baby coming to your family, the fear of the unknowns in birth may feel almost paralyzing. You may be hearing conflicting advice and stories from people around you that have left you feeling even more scared and confused. Or you may know that you want a natural birth but when you share that with people, they are not as supportive as you would have hoped. You may be wanting to avoid a cesarean and are wondering if Hypnobirthing is the answer.

Well the good news is that these concerns are shared by most parents. When it comes to birth is America, we are just fearful. This is not the case in many places around the world. In America, one out of every three births ends in a cesarean. Many of those belly births could be avoided if parents had been educated to make better informed decisions about their healthcare. Even for second time parents, if your last birth did not go well, you may want something better this time. For over 11 years, I have heard these and other worries from families just like you.

Many families put off birth classes because there is fear around what birth might actually entail. They may spend the majority of the pregnancy anxious about the many moving parts of birth but stuff it down with staying busy at work, planning baby showers and gathering nursery designs. Avoiding the elephant in the room is not going to make that elephant any less big. Once you examine what you are truly scared about and have a conversation about it, you begin take the power away from it. The sooner you address your fears, the calmer and more enjoyable your pregnancy will be.

You are in the right place for support with your worries. Myself and my team are experienced birth educators and birth doulas. We are here as team members to help with the concerns that are unique to your family. Hypnobirthing changed my life and that’s why I can’t shut up about it. All I needed were the tools to practice and someone to believe in me until I BELIEVED IN ME. You can do this and we are here to help!

We Are Here to Curb Your Feelings Of Overwhelm.

Thanks to Google, new parents have endless choices in front of them. What do I read? What do I not read? Where should I birth and what are my options? Do I want a Midwife or an OB and what’s the difference? Should I hire a doula? Do I just take the hospital classes or choose a method like Lamaze? There are so many choices!

When you approach birth from a standpoint of love instead of fear – things get a lot easier to manage. The fact is, if you want a natural birth, water birth or a medicated birth with low interventions – TODAY is when you begin preparing for that. Sometimes less is more when it comes to birth related information. You need trusted sources that are evidenced based(which means backed by the latest science) so you can begin to create the kind of birth that you want for your baby. This after all, is your BABY’S birth, not yours. It’s your labor but it’s THEIR birth. When you shift your mindset to that idea, things in your pregnancy change for the better.

We begin by sending you safe, curated content to start the exploration process; books to read, podcasts, birth stories and Ted Talks to watch just to name a few. We take the guesswork out of what media is “positive” to consume as a pregnant person. Evidence based education is a necessity if you want to make informed choices. In class, we will practice visualizing what you WANT for your birth. You will learn what questions to ask your provider to be sure you have the right one for your family. You will also have a nightly visualization practice that you can fall asleep to. Daily affirmations will also help move your mindset to what is “normal” for birth. Simple techniques can shift your whole birth and parenting journey. You will have skills to face unsettling things and manage them in the moment as they come up. You have everything you need to succeed inside of yourself already. We will find those skills together.

Our goal is not to add to the fear but to replace it with hope and confidence. Other humans are giving birth in amazing ways with wonderful results! We want you to be a part of that movement and have a beautiful pregnancy and birth. We also want to set you up with great resources for the postpartum time so you can recover well and enjoy your new baby. We are with you every step of the way!

Why Do Hypnobirthing Classes Cost More Than Hospital Classes?

As a pregnant person in America, you need all the facts in order to have the best birth experience possible. After years of having second time parents experience different types of birth trauma or unnecessary cesareans because, “nobody told them this or that was an option for them,” we have created a comprehensive curriculum that covers these common and not so common scenarios. Part of what we do as birth doulas and childbirth educators is trauma prevention. We understand the birth system and are professionally trained to help teach you how to manage your birth within it.

Did you know that if you have a HSA(Health Savings Account) or a FSA(Flex Spending Account) that birth classes AND birth doulas are reimbursable? We also offer payments to help you spread out the investment for your budget.

Many families also build in birth education and payment for their doula(birth and/or postpartum doula) into their birth registry. Parents ask their family and friends, in lieu of a gift, to contribute to these two expenses. The most amazing part is that they usually get money towards the expenses AND a gift because everybody wants to buy for a new baby!

Your book and handouts are included in this course fee and it is priced for the couple to attend. When we teach online classes, they are all taught live, not pre-recorded, so we can address your questions in real time and help you to form community with the other couples within the series. We are available for your questions about care providers, new studies and the latest information for whatever you may be facing in your pregnancy. To us, you are not a number in the huge system. You are an individual family, working on building a beautiful, life changing birth experience for your baby. We are honored to be by your side.

What If I Am Planning On An Epidural Or A Cesarean Birth?

No matter what kind of birth you are wanting or needing, our Hypnobirthing series will help you increase the beauty and quality of your baby’s birth experience. We help you create a birth plan – but turn it into “preferences” so you go with the flow of what presents. If you are in a state of fear during birth, your body will not work well or possibly not move forward as it should. This can result in unwanted interventions to “keep things moving forward.” Dealing with fears ahead of your labor and birth experience and understanding the best way to help your body stay on track for birth, works better if you understand the whole birthing process.

If you have special circumstances and are needing a belly birth or if during labor, your baby shows that they need to enter the world from the side door instead of the front door, you need to know how to make that birth just as amazing. No matter how you baby is born, it is still THEIR birth experience. Having a birth plan is necessary but all parents should be educated on the unexpected, so they can better navigate through the changes moment by moment. All births can be connected, amazing and beautiful.


So Let’s Relax and Get Started…

By pairing up with our team now, you gain the support you are looking for to create a beautiful birth experience for your baby. It is never too soon! We have families contact us before they are even pregnant. You are powerful. You are growing a baby and forming their personality as we speak. You have everything it takes to prepare for this experience.

We encourage you to plan ahead for Hypnobirthing classes and sign up as soon as you are ready. With baby showers, work trips and sometimes finding us late in the pregnancy, time is of the essence.

Right now, all of the normal “in person” classes in San Diego are online through the summer. If that changes, you will be notified so you can decide what option or location works best for you! That also allows families from out of the San Diego area, access to education that may not currently be available in your local area. So right now, you can be in your jammies with your dog on your lap! Let’s get started!

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All group classes are held online with everyone’s cameras on to cultivate the intimacy between families.

We have no date yet for returning to in-person group classes.