Conversations with my Baby

As a birth educator, I usually meet families towards the end of pregnancy. Many come into classes feeling disconnected from their baby and/or their partner and this heightens the worries they have for labor, birth and postpartum. When I am able to connect with families earlier in pregnancy, parents come to understand that this is their baby’s birth – not their birth. A simple shift in perception that opens a door of understanding in how they see and connect with this new baby.

As parents, we have nine months to welcome a meaningful, life transition. A time that was once held sacred and honored with ritual and tradition. But do we welcome it? Our fast-paced, modern day world has clouded this ancient slow down time. We need to restore this time for letting go of who we were and prepare for who we are becoming.

This journal is an opportunity to slow down and share with your baby who you were in your life before they arrived in your arms. What lessons have you learned? What is important to you? How are you preparing for their birth and how are you handling your worries when it comes to labor and a life with them?

Your baby is already connected to you. They want you to feel their love from the inside, and you can. You’re doing this together …

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About Our Language And The Different Versions:

These are the Pregnancy Meditations we use in our San Diego Hypnobirthing classes. If you are taking our classes – you WILL NOT NEED TO PURCHASE the “Releasing Your Power Centers©, Power Center Affirmations© or Moving Forward In Confidence© – as these are included in your class package.
Our Meditations, Visualizations and Affirmations are recorded with inclusive language and we have recorded a specific set for people carrying more than one baby. The recordings for “Multiples” will be listed together so please purchase from that area if you would like to hear “babies” instead of “baby.” Our Motherhood Collection in mostly inclusive language and some of the meditations use “mom.”

About Our Music:

The guided meditations are embedded with binaural beats, a sound technology that can assist in supporting your neural activity to enter a Theta brainwave state which is ideal for deep meditation, healing and creative visualization. This technology will only work with the use of headphones or earbuds while listening. You can still benefit immensely from the meditations by listening in regular speakers because of the deep relaxation guidance at the beginning of each meditation. Utilizing the binaural beat brainwave technology is an extra boost into the ideal state of neural activity, if desired.

Why Should I Listen Each Day?

Taking time each day to do a pregnancy meditation takes dedication but the reward is more connection to your baby earlier within your pregnancy. Many of our families come into birth class feeling a sense of disconnect between themselves and their baby. They may feel their baby moving but not have a felt sense of love and understanding between themselves and this new being. Mediation is a great way to start that process. Your baby connects through thoughts and promptings to your heart. Dreams can also be another way you will get images of what your baby wants for you and for THEIR birth. Taking time away from the busyness of life to listen to a meditation specifically designed for connection with your new baby is a beautiful way to enjoy your pregnancy. Your baby is a big soul in a tiny body and right now they communicate through quiet moments. Meditation practice will help you develop a deeper intuition and connection with your baby before they are physically in your arms.


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All group classes are held online with everyone’s cameras on to cultivate the intimacy between families.

We have no date yet for returning to in-person group classes.