Placenta Payment

Please make payment only after you have filled out the form at the bottom of the main Placenta Encapsulation page. We will email you a reminder at the front of your birth month, to text your specialist a heads up when labor begins. There are more payment options on the form. Note: Full payment must be made a month before baby’s due date(this is so you can check it off your list and we have all paperwork done in case baby comes early). I do not accept checks for the cash discount.

$100 of your placenta fee is a retainer and is non-refundable. $100 reserves your spot on the calendar, goes to admin for back-end paperwork, and towards us being on-call for the duration of your pregnancy. Should anything happen to the placenta (ie: placenta goes to pathology or an act of God that could not be prevented) you will be refunded the price paid less than $100 retainer.


All group classes are held online with everyone’s cameras on to cultivate the intimacy between families.

We have no date yet for returning to in-person group classes.