How to Prevent an Unnecessary Cesarean

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Welcome to our mini course, “How to Prevent an Unnecessary Cesarean.”

This course is designed as a starting point to begin the research you need to create the best possible birth experience for your new baby. The LABOR is yours but the BIRTH is your baby’s and they only get one shot at it! The decisions you make in choosing your maternal healthcare provider, the education and classes you take so you can make informed decisions, will ONLY work when you find and use your voice.

You can do this! YOU and YOUR BABY can have a beautiful, connected experience.

In this course, you will get information on what the World Health Organization recommends for labor and what our cesarean rates SHOULD be world wide. I will list out what types of providers you have to choose from and which ones are more supportive of low intervention, vaginal birth.

You will come to understand how your body works like all other mammals and why your birthing environment is so critical for a vaginal delivery. You will get information on how our c section rates are calculated and why most of us don’t fall into the high risk category. I will also go over routine inductions and the added interventions that almost always accompany them.

Education and evidence based information are lacking in our maternal healthcare system. We are unnecessarily losing lives of parents and babies every year because as birthing humans, we have a huge unawareness of our bodies, pregnancy and how it all works.

Parents are not seeking out of hospital, unbiased education about the birth process and we are not understanding that we have the right to say yes OR no to everything that has to do with our bodies.

It is time that we look at why we are so scared of birth, get education around it and find out how some people are turning their births into turning points for their lives! Birth has the power to unlock the potential in us that has always been there.

Our bodies are amazing! We are growing new life everyday without a schedule and right on time. Why then, is there such a rush to interfere with this beautiful process or to hurry it along? We are not broken.

“You’ve always had the POWER my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

  • Glinda  – The Wizard of Oz

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