Doula Matching Services

The Birth Education Center has, for your convenience, vetted and compiled a preferred professional list of our community’s best doulas for families seeking birth support. Rather than a matching program, parents can easefully sift through and select their preferences. This listing is by personal invitation only.  Birth Education Center doulas have been uniquely invited to this community and taken extra steps to apply, interview, meet and maintain above average requirements, and invest in this work in the form of a yearly fee. These doulas have trained with respected organizations and are either certified (Tier 1 & 2) or soon to certify (Tier 3). Each doula completes a BEC professional doula course series and observes the BEC HypnoBirthing series. These women are invested in continual education, attend all sorts of trainings, and maintain myriad other certifications (see List of Credentials for details). Included below is a list of questions to ask your doula in an interview; these questions will help you gather the most appropriate and relevant information to ensure you find the best doula for your experience.

The Birth Education Center and this list of doulas share similar philosophies surrounding birth support and birth work; these doulas work together as a team and serve within the birth community. Though the doulas do not work for the Birth Education Center, I have received glowing feedback from parents who have worked with them and I am proud to represent and support their work. – Care Messer

These Doulas have completed these basic requirements:

  • Doula training and certified with a national or international doula organization (18 class hours, many field hours). Many women train but do not complete the certification process. ( Tier 3 doulas are currently in certification process)
  • Doula Professional Series with me(17.5 hours)
  • Observed our HypnoBirthing Series(15 hours)

Other trainings and certifications will be listed by their individual names(please refer to our “certification sheet” for more explanation on letters behind a doulas name.

Tier 1 is the most advanced doula tier. These Doulas have met the basic requirements, 100+ births, Spinning Babies, Rebozo Certification, experience with Home, Birth Center and Hospital births, have attended/observed at least (2) out of hospital birth methods(HypnoBirthing, Birth Boot Camp, Bradley, Birthing From Within, Lamaze, Alpha) OR are Certified Childbirth Educators themselves. These Doulas have set their prices at $1000-$1600

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Tier 2 is the medium birth experience tier. These Doulas have met the basic requirements, have 21-99 births and Rebozo Certification. They also have various certifications explained within their profile. They have set their prices between $650-$900.

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Tier 3 are the doulas working on their certification or have completed it and are gathering more birth experience. These doulas are adding more skills/certifications and many are volunteering for several birth related organizations in town. They have set their prices at $450-$600.

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