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We offer classes, online workshops, pregnancy meditations and resources to help you enjoy and protect your birthing experience. At the Birth Education Center, we feel it is extremely important for you to be informed and educated on options surrounding pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

We support all kinds of birth – natural, medicated, Caesarean, VBAC, home, hospital or birth center. Every family must make the choice for themselves as to what kind of birth experience they desire and we, as people in the birth community, should support one other in those choices no matter what our views.

As a birth educator, I usually meet families towards the end of pregnancy. Many come into classes feeling disconnected from their baby and/or their partner and this heightens the worries they have for labor, birth and postpartum. When I am able to connect with families earlier in pregnancy, parents come to understand that this is their baby’s birth – not their birth. A simple shift in perception that opens a door of understanding in how they see and connect with this new baby.

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The Birth Education Center’s mission is to provide a safe place for parents to explore education options, ask birth and parenting questions, and make well-informed decisions. By honoring our values of providing evidenced based information, unbiased support, and honoring the human connection within the birth process, we intend to help parents empower themselves through education and offer emotional support. It takes work to remove the stigma of fear surrounding childbirth and we can do it together.

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