Postpartum Doula Matching

The BEC is committed to supporting the postpartum period of every new mom in a traditional, holistic and personalized way. These highly trained doulas will help you to understand the postpartum dyad, you and your newborn, and the growth and changes occurring in the fourth trimester. Within the comfort of your own home, we can help you transition into a thriving, confident and well rested new family.

The doulas in our matching program are all independent contractors and are some of the most highly trained in Southern California. All have certified with a reputable organizations and many have multiple certifications. Whether you are looking for more education, day or night support, or help with restoring your body and spirit in a more traditional sense, we can help you find just the right doula to invite into your home.

A Postpartum Scope of Practice:

A Doula will:

  • Teach/model newborn care
  • Educate family members on how to ‘mother the mother’ via modeling, demonstration and explanation.
  • Tend to the household while the parent rests/plays or cuddles with older children
  • Answer parent questions
  • Keep the birthing parent fed and well hydrated
  • Assist with breastfeeding education and comfort measures
  • Assist with siblings and help with sibling transition
  • Run interference and insulate the family from phone calls/visitors
  • Make suggestions for resources, referrals and networking
  • Demonstrate baby wearing techniques
  • Organize nursery items; keep changing stations tidy
  • Do baby laundry

A Doula may:

  • Prepare light meals, keep kitchen tidy
  • Teach infant massage techniques to the parent for baby comfort and bonding
  • Run errands with or for the birthing parent
  • Give a gentle and relaxing foot or back massage
  • Offer vaginal steams, wraps, compresses, teas
  • Offer pelvic floor education

A Doula will NOT:

  • Provide medical advice or make health assessments which includes any wound care or baby grooming.
  • Tell the birthing parent what she should do in her new role
  • Replace your partner, but work alongside in support
  • Act as a maid or a nanny (although she may assist in these areas)
  • Do 100% of the baby care but, rather, assist the other in caring for the baby.

Doulas range in price according to experience, skill sets and professional trainings.

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All group classes are held online with everyone’s cameras on to cultivate the intimacy between families.

We have no date yet for returning to in-person group classes.