Hospital Birth 101 RiverPath Chiropractic

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Hospital 101 is more than the "birth basics class" you would find at a local hospital. Here you will learn the basics of childbirth, use of medications, what typical hospital protocols are and the ways to best advocate for yourself and your baby. We want you to be a parent first - aware of all your choices in getting the birth you desire. Some of what we'll cover is: choosing the right Care Provider, Caesarean birth, induction, the use of a doula and birth plans, as well as newborn procedures. We will also address any worries you may have regarding birth so you can begin to look forward to having the best labor & birth experience possible. Comfort Measures for Labor is also included in this series. We'll give you a play by play on how labor progresses and what to do at each turn. This is the “hands on- full dry run" part of class. Birth Companions will gain confidence in putting into action the tools you already have and the new techniques we will demonstrate. You will learn how to incorporate positioning, relaxation, visualization, massage, breathing and hip movement into your labor and birth. Movement and touch facilitates your baby moving down and out. 3 couple minimum to hold class. The final class will be 3 hours long. If a holiday weekend falls on one of the class dates, that class will be held the following Monday from 6 to 9pm. Cost $250