HypnoBirthing 5 week series - Whole Family Wellness, North Park

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COST: $375 PER COUPLE HypnoBirthing is breathing, relaxation, visualization and fear recognition. Don't let the name fool you! We know there are a lot of fears associated with childbirth in our country. Those fears should not hold you back from having an amazing birth experience. Once you know your options for birth and realize that it is a natural process that women do all over the world without all this fuss - you being to believe in your body and it's ability to birth. Birth partners are a key component in HypnoBirthing and the three of us work side by side to achieve your birthing goals. Educating yourselves and then finding the right care provider is the first step - then classes and then practice.
This class meets at: Whole Family Wellness Center 4443 30th St Suite 210 San Diego, California 92116 
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