VBAC 101

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COST: $45 PER MAMA(no Gents please) This class will help expectant moms prepare for a vaginal birth after cesarean, or VBAC. VBAC 101 will give you the evidence based education to improve your options and chances for the best birth possible. We will be debunking VBAC myths, going over current statistics and helping you to find the best care provider who will support your wishes and keep you safe. Fear processing and additional help in other viewpoints in having the best birth possible for. Labor helps will also be included and much, much more! We used to have partners attend but we found that usually one or both of the partnership did not feel comfortable expressing feelings and issues that came up around the previous birth so we address ideas here that you can take home to partners. This class can be(and should be) as raw and real as you need to process and express all the past birth stuff. Mamas only.