Christal Quick

HypnoBirthing Practitioner
Birth Doula
Placenta Encapsulationist

Christal Quick has been a DONA certified birth doula since 2012 and a IPPA Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist since 2014. She earned an additional certification as a Hypnobirthing Practitioner in 2014 which enabled her to teach Hypnobirthing classes through the Birth Education Center and share her experience with and passion for empowered, family-centered birth with even more families. Christal earned her BA in Global Public Health from UC San Diego in 2016 where a research presentation based on her senior thesis “Birth Abuse and Disrespect as a Global Phenomenon: Incorporating Evidence-Based Traditional Practices to Reduce the Abuse of Birthing Women” won first place at the UCSD Horizons of Global Health Research Conference. She is deeply committed to promoting all women’s human right to dignity and respect in birth.

Christal feels extremely fortunate to have grown up surrounded by strong and resilient women (and men too!) who believed that birthing is a natural process and not something to be afraid of. She has three boys at home, and a long-suffering husband (all those late nights!!), who keep her on toes with their hilarious and sometimes chaotic shenanigans. She is also super into all kinds of dance, travel and eating and dreams of one day heading back to school and becoming a Nurse-Midwife when her kids are a little older.


All group classes are held online with everyone’s cameras on to cultivate the intimacy between families.

We have no date yet for returning to in-person group classes.