Doula 104

SERIES COST: $250/$300(see below for pymt info)

Doula 104

This is kind of a "what to cover in your prenatal visits" class but so much more. You'll get ideas in how to identify and understand how to best serve the birthing person's needs, and by extension, anyone else involved in the birth dynamic. Timely introduced words, actions and accessories that match the setting and the needs of the laboring person will contribute greatly toward the success and empowerment of all present.
Once you understand what filters the parents are bringing into their birth experience and how to work with those filters, it will be a simpler process in knowing what resources to provide them with. You will be given many family dynamic examples, from our past doula families, so you are more prepared to foresee some possible hiccups that can occur while working at a birth.
Minimum of 8 students to hold the series so gather your doula friends. If not enough people to hold the series - we will refund in full.

Registration for the Doula Professional series closes 1 week prior to the series - Sign up early! We need time to get handouts etc. in order.

Limited seats available

Must have completed a training with a certifying organization. (DONA, CAPPA, To Labor, Pro Doula, Madriella, SDB).

If you are a Hearts and Hands volunteer doula from UCSD and are interested in participating in the BEC doula matching/referral program, you need to go through a certifying organization training first. We recommend the DONA training with Gerri Ryan. If you just want to take the series to gather education, you will not need the certifying organization training.

This series is for doulas in training, working toward their certification.

For questions:

Pay in Full Option: $250 for the series made in one pymt (save $50) - also includes a private 45 minute business consultation at the end of the series with Care(to be scheduled at the completion of the series)

Two Payment Option: $150(non-refundable) 1st pymt due a week before the series begins.

Final pymt of $150 must be received by the day before the third class(Doula 103)

Resource Idea: Paypal also offers a 6 month, interest free plan where some of our San Diego doulas have started their education and trainings.

Refunds for this series are NOT given as we base the series being held on enough attendance. If you miss a class due to a birth, your registration will stay on the books until the next time the class is offered so you don't miss it.


Doula 104

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