Willow Buckley Brutlag


Willow Buckley Brutlag is a DONA-certified Birth Doula, a certified Classical Homeopath, and prenatal yoga instructor. She is trained in Spinning Babies and Rebozo Technique and offers placenta encapsulation services. Willow contributes over 10 years of experience and feels blessed and honored to have been part of so many beautiful births including VBACs, unmedicated and medicated births, etc. Willow embraces the wisdom of the pregnant body and it’s process. Willow believes the power and beauty of a laboring woman is like no other and respects the gift of attending a woman’s labor as precious and sacred. She teaches that labor comes from a mother and therefore isn’t ever bigger than the mother giving birth.

As a Classical Homeopath, Willow offers natural, effective recommendations and treatment during pregnancy and postpartum for everything from morning sickness, heart burn, hemorrhoids and baby eczema to emotional balance to address anxieties a mother might have before or during labor. She is a firm believer in food as medicine and loves to nurture the mother prenatally to facilitate a more vibrant pregnancy and postpartum.

To help support her Homeopathic practice and her family as best she can, she is only accepting clients who live in North County and giving birth in North County. Willow is also currently booked through 2019. She is now accepting clients with due dates in 2020.

*While the professional birth and postpartum doulas listed on the website are carefully screened and selected by the Birth Education Center, they are not employees. All doulas invest in the program by paying a yearly listing fee. By entering into contract with your doula, you do so at your own risk. The doulas are responsible for the means and methods for providing non-medical support to families, within their scope of practice.

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