Taking time each day to do a pregnancy meditation takes dedication but the reward is more connection to your baby earlier within your pregnancy. Many of our families come into birth class feeling a sense of disconnect between themselves and their baby. They may feel their baby moving but not have a felt sense of love and understanding between themselves and this new being. Mediation is a great way to start that process. You baby connects through thoughts and promptings to your heart. Dreams can also be another way you will get images of what your baby wants for you and for THEIR birth. Taking time away from the busyness of life to listen to a meditation specifically designed for connection with your new baby is a beautiful way to enjoy your pregnancy. Your baby is a big soul in a tiny body and right now they communicate through quiet moments. Meditation practice will help you develop a deeper intuition and connection with your baby before they are physically in your arms.

Golden Bubble of Protection

This pregnancy meditation or pregnancy visualization is being released in hopes that you will take a break from your current daily worries and take time to connect with your baby. No matter how things in your outer world are playing out, your baby needs to be reassured that they are safe and that you are ready for them. In this meditation we will layer a protective bubble over your baby that only allows in love and kindness to reach them in the womb. Your baby is a wise and powerful being. They are connected to you and want you to feel them in a deeper way. Taking time during pregnancy to intentionally connect with your baby, will allow labor to be a team effort between you and this child. This pregnancy only happens once and so does their birth. Take time to enjoy their movements and understand the thoughts they are communicating to you in your dreams.

Choosing Love Over Fear

In this pregnancy meditation, we will explore choice in the thoughts you let into your mind each day. Our thoughts generate the feelings in your body and this is what your baby is feeling in the womb. As you do this meditation – enjoy the feelings that come. You may notice a feeling of calm that comes over you. That feeling may feel foreign, especially during this quarantine period we are in. You may notice you are breathing better than you have in a few weeks. Good – more of that please! THAT stuff is what needs to become a regular thing for your baby to feel too. Your baby relies on you to navigate their world and they want to feel safe. They look to you for comfort. Learning to switch your fearful thoughts into loving ones, takes practice. It is something you can do each day as your baby is tucked safely inside and a practice that you need to take into parenting. Will you be perfect at it? No. But you can stop, breathe and start again. Life is always about reset and trying again. Heart based thoughts keep your baby feeling safe and protected and it is a choice to choose love over fear.

Power of Surrender

In this pregnancy meditation we are adding more tools by exploring the idea of surrender. Relaxation in pregnancy is so important as is the daily practice. When we are pregnant, we hear a lot of people tell us to "surrender" during labor. That contractions will feel better if we just surrender to the power of our body. But what do we think surrender is? What is our personal definition of surrender? Is surrender a positive or a negative thing to us? In this pregnancy meditation we will turn it into a positive idea and practice releasing into the powerful force moving inside of our body during labor. Picturing the reward for the effort involved will help reinforce the idea of surrender as bridge to our new baby.

Tuning In And Trusting The Process

In this pregnancy meditation we are going to address how your fears and concerns are actually an ally within your pregnancy and parenting journey. By facing worries and concerns early in pregnancy, you have more time to gather more support and information around fears, which results in a calmer pregnancy for both you and your baby. I will show you a simple way to get curious about your fear instead of staying stuck in it. By tuning in to your inner wisdom and innate skills, you will feel more trust and confidence in finding your own solutions. You are more connected to your baby than you may think. Trusting that your baby and your body are working in harmony together in supporting this new life, will bring you a stronger sense that you can do this. That you ARE doing this. Join me as we take time to connect with the trust that you already hold within yourself. You are enough.