Newborns 101 at Scripps Ranch BEC

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COST: $45 PER COUPLE Have you thought about how your baby is going to have to adjust to life outside of the womb?
Have you thought how you are going to adjust and transition into caring for another human being while being sore and very sleep deprived?
Parenthood is an amazing adventure that shouldn't start off with so many unknown hurdles. Joining an existing family is also a little worrisome for your baby. This class was created with both parties in mind. It is not your typical baby care basics class - it's much more.
Compassionate Care for Parents and Newborns takes into account the transition you are both making into becoming a family.
You will learn the baby basics with a holistic and thorough approach and learn how to combine your world and baby's successfully.
You'll learn:
•What healthy newborns are like
•Baby Essentials - what you really need
•Baby Wearing
•How to soothe a crying baby
•Eating & sleeping patterns
•Cord care
•Circumcision care
•When to call the doctor
•Dressing(what to wear and when)
•Getting your home ready for baby
•Postpartum Care for Mom
•C-Section Recovery
•Family Sleep Habits
•Change of family roles

Where: The Birth Education Center

Cost: $45 per couple