Amy Bailey


Amy is a DONA-certified Birth Doula, an APPA-certified Placenta Specialist, and a Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner. Amy found her passion for birth during the births of her three children. She experienced birth with and without support and was very aware of the drastic difference in how she felt afterwards. This opened up a whole new world and led Amy into doula work. Amy is a strong military mama and has robust insight into how we can better support military families during their unique postpartum transition. She believes that education is an integral part of birth by helping families secure a strong start and encouraging them to make the best choices for themselves. “I want families to know that they have a choice in everything – this is their birth and their baby. They get to choose what that experience is like even when the only thing they can control are the emotions and connection baby feels through the birth.”

Amy has a sweet, empathetic disposition and a knack for uncovering the root of a deep question or concern. Behind the scenes, she serves the doula community lovingly and discreetly. Amy is ‘quietly nerdy’. She loves animals, reading and baking yummy things for doula gatherings.

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