The Second & Third Trimester

Welcome to the second & third trimesters!

If you are just finding the Birth Education Center and are just looking into education – you now have a jumping-off point!

I put the basics for starting education on this page specific to your trimesters.  As you begin to explore – you will be led to even more surprises on our website/social media and may have even more questions! You may want to go back to the first trimester page and see if you’ve missed anything you can do now.

Every family has different educational needs so a one-on-one consult is a great place to begin if you want personal, tailored information or have special circumstances with this pregnancy that need more support in navigating. I promise you there is always a person, answer, or pathway to organize your thoughts, calm your worries and point you in the right direction. The birth world is very interconnected and we have more resources than I could count!

We all have 9 months of time to transition into parenthood. While some days it feels like pregnancy just drags on – before you know it, you feel like you’re running out of time to prepare. So let myself and my team help you be proactive so your nervous system can chill!

The sooner you begin your education, the more time you allow yourself to see what is covered by your insurance. Some education and doula support is reimbursable with FSA and HSA plans. If not covered, you have more time to find creative ways to raise money for the extra education and support that you didn’t know you needed – especially postpartum support!

Getting early education can also help ensure that you are with the right hospital and the care provider for the type of birth you are wanting for your baby. It is much easier to switch providers earlier in the pregnancy so you can develop a trusting relationship with the new one. As parents begin to understand the simplicity of psychological birth, many become open to other ideas like birthing centers, doulas and/or even home birth! Crazy right?

You will only know what kind of birth is best for your baby by connecting to your baby early as you begin to trust your intuition with all you will be learning. I’m glad you’re here!

Soooooooo –

• Get out your calendar and plan ahead –

• Get your birth classes booked before any baby shower dates get booked so there is no conflict –

• Begin your online learning now so you can have educated conversations with your care provider –

• Hire your doula EARLY while you have more options as to whom to hire and so you two can establish more trust and have more support during pregnancy –

• Take postpartum education courses FIRST(even before birth classes) and as early in pregnancy as you can –

• Start listening to pregnancy/birth meditations and affirmations NOW to create a calmer space for you and your baby(ies) to connect –

You feeling safe and supported is what ensures a great birth experience with your new baby – we are honored to help in any way that we can –

Hugs – Care


All group classes are held online with everyone’s cameras on to cultivate the intimacy between families.

We have no date yet for returning to in-person group classes.