How To Prevent An Unnecessary Cesarean

By: Care Messer | Birth, Community, Pregnancy | November 30, 2018


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Why did we create this course?

Women are scared to give birth. We are so scared and overwhelmed that we:

  • Don’t make time early on in pregnancy to take a class. That directly results in us not having any evidence based education to make our informed decisions.
  • Haven’t researched our care provider(including our regular OB) to know if she/he is the best provider for what kind of birth we want.
  • Don’t even know what kind of birth is possible for our baby or babies. Because in reality – it’s our baby’s birth, not ours. What does our baby want for their birth experience?
  • Have no idea what a doula is, why we would want one and then rely on our medical system to “take care of things.”

We wouldn’t be this uninformed if we were buying a car. Why then, are we this uninformed when we are making choices about our long term health and birthing a tiny human being into our family?

FEAR…we are scared. We don’t have to be scared. Birth can be amazing and powerful!

I feel that some of our high cesarean rate, is due to women being too scared to get informed about their bodies, their choices and the fear of making the wrong decision for themselves and their baby. Well, making no decision and handing it over to someone else who is now making all the choices for you – is a powerful one-sided arrangement that may have some consequences. Getting some education around your fears, can help them to go away or gives you a backup plan for them.

The World Health Organization(WHO) recommends that our c-section rate should be 10%.

Why then, is there a c-section for 1 out of 3 women giving birth?

The c-section rate is calculated on LOW RISK, first time moms. NOT high-risk moms with health issues for themselves or their babies.

Why then are healthy, low risk women going in for major surgery every day?

Women of Color have an even higher cesarean rate(36%). While the morbidity rate of Women of Color is quadruple that of White women.

Why is this happening? Why are we, as women, not doing something about it together?

Our cesarean rate is not only a women’s health issue/crisis but a women’s rights issue. We, as women, need to be more informed, have a better understanding of the long-term impacts and complications for our bodies and our health for the rest of our lives BEFORE we walk into our birth experience(not to mention the impact on our babies).

When we have all the facts, in a simple to understand format (including the research behind everything), we can make an informed choice about our health care. WE are not a number in a system. One size does NOT fit all in maternal healthcare. How can it? We are all different women, from different backgrounds, with different genetics, different stories, different sperm and different eggs!  We are individual humans, not categories. We are women and mothers who need to enjoy long term optimal health for ourselves and our babies.

If we truly NEED a cesarean – I am all about it. I am grateful that we have solid medical care in this country. I appreciate and respect it. But this is not how we are using this surgery in our current healthcare system and the change begins with early education and women expecting & requiring something different.

So what do you need to know that you don’t know? So much! So much information. We have put it together in an easy to understand – step by step format.

My disclaimer is – I could not possibly put in information for every families personal birthing scenario – THIS is a starting point to find a local educator, midwife or doula to help you know what is available in your area. The people who are local are the ones you need to reach out too – they help you put all of the “online pieces of information” together in the right order for you and your family.

You can refer back to this information again and again. All studies referenced, are linked inside the course for more personal research and exploration.

It’s our gift to you and your baby. Feel free to share this link with anyone who is pregnant or about to be!

A special thank you to the artist and all of the photographers and birth places that allowed us to use their images. THANK YOU…

#ittakesavillage #changeispossible #geteducatedaroundyourchoices #youcandothis

Hugs- Care & The Birth Education Center Team

About the author:
Care is the founder of the Birth Education Center, San Diego HypnoBirthing and Cuddle Sanctuary San Diego. She is a Birth Educator, Hypnotherapist, Birth and Postpartum Doula, INNATE Care Provider, Erotic Blueprint Coach and also professional Cuddler. She specializes in connection work between people and increasing self boundaries for a more balanced life together.


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