Best Birth Book To Read | Labor Like A Goddess

By: Care Messer | Hypnobirthing, Pregnancy | July 17, 2020

What you read matters during pregnancy and so does the time and effort you put in to preparing! Many of our “main stream” birth books are full of fear and remind you of the things that can go wrong in pregnancy, labor and delivery. But you know what? Pregnancy, labor and delivery goes RIGHT most of the time when we stay out of it, and just let nature do it’s thing! What if we restored the information we have had since the beginning of time, in cultures around the world- that our bodies are powerful, that they know what to do and that babies have a say in their births? What if we took the time to look at the beauty that birth can hold for us? What if we looked at pregnancy as a right of passage and that all of the tools for labor and birth are already stored in our bodies? Well – here is your book folks. Labor Like a Goddess is filled with practical tools, tips and ancient ideas, lovingly presented in our modern world. Taking ownership of our birthing experiences leads to better birth experiences and gives us better tools to parent these new babies. Jill added this book and it’s tools to prepare for her 2nd baby. She said the words and ideas came to her at just the right time and helped get her through an intense labor. Her birth story will be out in a few weeks but we couldn’t wait to get this book into your hands!

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Video Transcript:
“Labor Like a Goddess” is probably gonna be one of your better tools to use in addition to all the other resources that are out there for you. But “Labor Like a Goddess” definitely helped me mentally prepare for this birth. And I didn’t have it before, so yeah, it’s good.

One of the tools that I used was the “Labor Like a Goddess” book. I heard a lot about it and in relax and release classes and was hoping I would win it as a giveaway or as like a prize, but I didn’t. So I had to buy it myself. And so it goes through these different gates of, of different milestones that you’ll hit when you’re going through labor, and just pregnancy and after pregnancy. So some of the gates that really spoke to me were the one about overcoming fear, especially during the time of quarantine, it also goes through facing shame, like, you know, just being naked when you’re delivering your baby, you know, and some people are not comfortable with that. But how you’re very vulnerable in that situation. So learning to be okay with it and how to get over that.

Releasing control. I think that I would be someone that’s a control person. I want to be in control of my body. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t want a epidural. And so, by also releasing control mentally, like, and knowing that your body is kind of in control, and your baby’s in control, not necessarily you. So being okay with that and how to overcome that. So these were great reminders for me, ’cause a lot of the stuff that I knew, but like the way that it was written was really helpful for me to be able to kind of get over some of the stuff and the aloneness that you feel like as a person pregnant in quarantine, and not having all the support that you would typically have, if you didn’t have to be so secluded, you know. So some of this was just really great reminders.

Being present for your birth and just moments of pregnancy and even taking that onto motherhood. I think was good. Making sure that there’s a gate of sacred partnership, just really trusting your partner, your breathing partner, you know, your doula, whoever’s gonna be there with you. Managing labor pain. That was the one I was talking about with just your muscles working so hard. It’s not necessarily that the pain of like something that you broke or hurt a wound or anything like that. It’s pain from muscles working so hard. And I think that that really spoke to me, and it really helped me in my delivery with her. The last one that I, like, ’cause I didn’t make it all the way through, ’cause the final one’s postpartum, but intentional surrender to the birth process and the labor process just at the end of my labor letting go and knowing that I can’t hold on. It’s not about me. It’s about me having her and her birth. So I think that that was all the different gates helped me.

There’s great things in there. There’s that you can do devotionals meditation, just things to get your mind thinking, journaling, all that stuff, which really helped me. I have a little journal that I used to go through this book, which, you know, just getting that stuff down, writing that stuff down really helped my mental process to get prepared. ‘Cause I think a lot of it is like a mental mental game that we need to do to get prepared for labor. And that’s what I was really focused on, because I didn’t have like, it’s so nice to see people and be with people and see their faces and supporting you rather than hearing them over a phone, or seeing them over video chat or that kind of thing. So I think that this was like the second like helper for me considering the situation of just not being able to be with people during this time, and having a baby in this circumstance.

So yeah, I would really recommend the book, even if you’re a second, third time mom, I think that it’s really helpful. ‘Cause I was like, oh, some of the stuff I already know, but at the same time, they’re great reminders that really got put me mentally, set my game up. I mean, I talk about it like it’s a game, it’s not a game. But I think that like mentally prepared me better than I think I would have been if I didn’t read it. And I think that she was almost waiting until I finished the book before, or at least the chapter of the surrender before she came because she knew, I knew I needed it, maybe. So, “Labor Like a Goddess” is probably gonna be one of your better tools to use in addition to all the other resources that are out there for you. But, “Labor Like a Goddess” definitely helped me mentally prepare for this birth, and I didn’t have it before. So yeah, it’s good.

About the author:
Care is the founder of the Birth Education Center, San Diego HypnoBirthing and Cuddle Sanctuary San Diego. She is a Birth Educator, Hypnotherapist, Birth and Postpartum Doula, INNATE Care Provider, Erotic Blueprint Coach and also professional Cuddler. She specializes in connection work between people and increasing self boundaries for a more balanced life together.


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