How Does Being Good at My Job Help with My Pregnancy?

By: Jennifer Cole | Pregnancy | November 18, 2020

If you have achieved some level of success in your professional life, then you undoubtedly possess talents that make you good at what you do. Are you a wiz at analyzing data? Is your organizational prowess on point? Do you shine when managing projects by anticipating needs in advance and strategizing the perfect game plan to achieve goals? There’s no question there are things you excel at that have formed you into the professional superstar that you are. But what if you could apply your amazing professional talents to your pregnancy?

If you’re like most people, we tend to separate our professional persona from the one we adopt outside of work hours, and sometimes there can be a significant chasm between the two. This can be especially true when it comes to something as personal as pregnancy and childbirth. While you may feel confident and adept behind your desk, when it comes to knowing where to start with making the best choices for yourself and our baby, you might feel uncertain and out of your depth.

If this is your first pregnancy there can be a big learning curve.

You may doubt that the things that make you great at what you do for a living will help you with your pregnancy, but are you sure about that? Consider this:

If you’re great with numbers and data, then apply that talent to finding the hospital and care providers in your area with the lowest c-section rates. There is a ton of statistics and data available online that will prove invaluable in guiding you to make the most informed choices that you can.

If you’re an organizational wizard, then you’ll have a field day when it comes to preparing for the arrival of your baby. You can create a thorough checklist that includes everything from hiring your birth doula, postpartum doula to signing up for Hypnobirthing classes early. Yes, it’s fun to go on Pinterest and decide on your favorite color schemes for the nursery, but that should be way down on your list of priorities. You’ll work your way down the list to it, though. You’re organized.

If you thrive with project management, then get a plan in place early that includes all the things you need to increase the likelihood of a great birth experience. At the Birth Education Center, we offer a mini-class that covers the 8 things we consider to be the foundation for a quality game plan. They include addressing any fears you have about pregnancy and childbirth early on, connecting with your baby, finding the best care provider, hiring a doula, seeking out quality out-of-hospital childbirth education classes, following a quality nutrition plan, and getting postpartum support and a therapy plan in place for yourself before baby arrives.

If you find you’re in your comfiest comfort zone at work, it’s time to unleash that self-assured corporate professional on your pregnancy. Allow your corporate swagger to accompany you into your prenatal check-ups with your care provider, making sure you get all of your questions answered to your satisfaction before being rushed out the door. If you know your way around an interview, apply those skills when you’re considering doulas and care providers. “At the end of the day” (a nod to corporate speak), you’re a person of many talents. You already have all the tools you need to be great at preparing for childbirth and parenting. All you have to do is redeploy the skills you already possess to this amazing new “project”, the birth of your child.

About the author:
Jennifer Cole CD(DONA) DONA Certified Birth Doula and Hypnobabies Certified HypnoDoula supporting families throughout San Diego County.


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