Doula Finishing Series

The Doula Finishing Series is the missing bit between your training and a flourishing doula business. The series offers hands on touch, the mindful information needed to understand and help your families and the confidence of a solid foundation to grow from. Adding more education should always be the goal of a birth workers and it will set you apart.

Must have completed a training with a certifying organization. (DONA, CAPPA, To Labor, Pro Doula, Madriella, SDB).
If you are a local Hearts and Hands volunteer doula and are interested in participating in the BEC doula matching referral program, you need to go through a certifying organization training first. We recommend the DONA training with Gerri Ryan.

Registration for the Finishing series classes closes 1 week prior to each class and each class has a cap on enrollment. Sign up early! We need time to get handouts etc. in order for each class.

No refunds given after 1 week prior to class and if you miss due to a birth, your registration will stay on the books until the next time the class is offered so you don’t miss it.

Doula Videos