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Are There Side Effects With An Epidural After Birth?

By: Jennifer Cole Epidurals October 25, 2021

The statistics say it all: of the 17 million births that took place in the United States between 2009-2014, 71 percent of these birthing people received an epidural. As prevalent as epidurals have become in modern birth culture, it would imply that they must be…

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Do Epidurals Slow Down Labor?

By: Jennifer Cole Epidurals October 18, 2021

Many of the parents who take our birth education classes are curious about epidurals. Even though our Hypnobirthing classes are preparing them for an unmedicated experience, they still have lots of questions related to epidurals.  And it’s no wonder. Given how prevalent the use of…

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When Is The Best Time To Get An Epidural In Labor?

By: Jennifer Cole Epidurals October 11, 2021

If you are pregnant with your first baby, the number of unknowns looming ahead of you can feel endless. For example, there are so many things you won’t know about your baby until they are born, like what color their eyes will be, whose chin…

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Do I Need A Doula If I Am Getting An Epidural?

By: Jennifer Cole Epidurals May 23, 2020

So you’re pregnant and you’ve heard about these wonderful doula people who you can hire to support you during your birth. Sounds tremendous, right? Just imagining that there will be a person in the room whose sole priority is to provide you comfort, reassurance and…

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