Professional Doula Series

Are you a newly trained doula?

In our Professional Doula Series is the added support between your training, getting certified and enjoying a flourishing doula business. Our program offers additional practice with hands on touch, mindful information and education from seasoned doulas to increase your confidence and skill set as you begin your doula career. Each class is designed for you to gain specific insights into the unique challenges that parents may face and how to better navigate those in the interview process and after you are hired. Classes are also setup to encourage and inspire you with self growth, team building and networking with a trusted sisterhood. Learning to work together in community, adding more education and a set of proven techniques that works for parents, gives you a solid foundation to grow from. Continuing education should always be part of the birth workers plan and education will set you apart in confidence and skills.

The first five classes below are included in the Doula Professional Series and the others are sold separately as dates come available.

Doula 101 – Business setup, networking, non-competitive connection and communication. Laying a solid foundation will build confidence and open up better doors for your business.

Doula 102 – Interview skills, role play, family dynamics and how you stay authentic with who you are and who you will work best with. It’s ok to say no to a job – and we’ll teach you how.

Doula 103 – Hands on practice Comfort Measures and more mindful techniques to set the stage for a calm birth no matter what shows up.

Doula 104 – Prenatals- what to cover and how to tailor visits per family instead of keeping things generic. Each baby has specific things their family needs from you – help a baby out!

VBAC for Doulas – Understand the unique circumstances for a VBAC family and how to provide the best support during pregnancy and the actual birth process. So much of a VBAC experience is within the mind.

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Doula 101

Doula 102

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Doula 103

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Doula 104

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VBAC for Doulas

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Additional Courses

Multiples for Doulas

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Breastfeeding for Doulas

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CPR for Doulas

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Must have completed a training with a certifying organization. (DONA, CAPPA, To Labor, Pro Doula, Madriella, SDB).
If you are a local Hearts and Hands volunteer doula and are interested in participating in the BEC doula matching referral program, you need to go through a certifying organization training first. We recommend the DONA training with Gerri Ryan.

Registration for the Finishing series classes closes 1 week prior to each class and each class has a cap on enrollment. Sign up early! We need time to get handouts etc. in order for each class.

No refunds given after 1 week prior to class and if you miss due to a birth, your registration will stay on the books until the next time the class is offered so you don’t miss it.

Doula Videos


All group classes are held online with everyone’s cameras on to cultivate the intimacy between families.

We have no date yet for returning to in-person group classes.