Choice, Consent & Connection: The Trilogy of Empowered Birth, Pt 1/3

By: Care Messer | Childbirth education, Hypnobirthing, Podcast | October 5, 2023

This is the first show of our 3 part series on the Three C’s we cover in Hypnobirthing classes – Choice, Consent & Connection. This is the episode to share with anyone who is thinking of becoming pregnant or who is newly pregnant so they understand of the importance of making choices early on. It is essential to have a good handle on how autonomous you are within our medical system so that you understand what choices are available and how to retain your power in choice.

Ashley and I discuss the levels of choice available in selecting healthcare providers for birth. We want to emphasize how crucial it is to consider insurance and medical situations before deciding to get pregnant, especially in the United States where the private healthcare system can limit options and be costly. It’s important to understand the differences between PPO and HMO insurance plans and how they can impact pregnancy and fertility services.

We also want to bring to light the importance of choosing the right hospital and healthcare provider for a positive birth experience. It’s important to debunk misconceptions about cesarean rates and unnecessary interventions. Educating ourselves and seeking appropriate support is key.

We delve into the options for birthing in a community setting such as Birth Center, home and even free birthing. It’s crucial to have a strong foundation of knowledge and resources, regardless of the chosen birth method or location.

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Stay tuned for our next episode, where we will focus on the topic of consent.

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About the author:
Care is the founder of the Birth Education Center, San Diego HypnoBirthing and Cuddle Sanctuary San Diego. She is a Birth Educator, Hypnotherapist, Birth and Postpartum Doula, INNATE Care Provider, Erotic Blueprint Coach and also professional Cuddler. She specializes in connection work between people and increasing self boundaries for a more balanced life together.


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