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How to Prepare for Birth – Tamra’s Hypnobirthing Story

By: Care Messer Birth Story, Hypnobirthing, Podcast February 1, 2024

In today’s show we are talking with Tamra about her birth story and she used the Hypnobirthing techniques to take great care of herself during labor. Tamra started her birth preparation early because she realized that she didn’t want to be dependent on outside elements…

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The Power of Flexibility: Clarisa’s Birth Story, Lessons in Embracing the Unexpected

By: Care Messer Birth Story, Hypnobirthing, Podcast January 4, 2024

It’s a birth story show! Trigger warning for anyone who prefers not to hear about miscarriage. Clarisa came through our Hypnobirthing series and the vision of her birth only became stronger. Labor and babies however, are a wild card in the equation and her journey…

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Commit and Submit: The Key to a Transformative Birth Experience

By: Care Messer Birth, Hypnobirthing, Podcast November 30, 2023

In this episode, Caitline, a single mother, shares her Hypnobirthing story, discussing her fears, preparations, and the support she received from her sister Chaylah. She also discusses her decision to have a natural birth, do motherhood on her own and the challenges she faced during…

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Facing the Fear of Having a Special Needs Child

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing, Podcast, special needs November 16, 2023

This podcast episode holds some vulnerable shares from myself and Ashley. If you aren’t ok with crying along with me – this show may not be for you. One of the biggest fears parents come into birth class with is the fear of having a…

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The Science Behind a Positive Birth: Understanding the Five Elements

By: Care Messer Childbirth education, Hypnobirthing, Podcast November 2, 2023

Today Ashley and I discuss the five universal elements of birth. After watching these tools work so well for our Hypnobirthing students and doula clients – we need to talk about it! The use of setting yourself with these 5 things will create an optimal…

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Birth Story, Andrea: “How Trusting Your Intuition Impacts Your Birth Experience.”

By: Care Messer Birth Story, Hypnobirthing, Podcast October 26, 2023

In this episode of the Birth Education Center podcast, I welcome Andrea, a former Hypnobirthing student to share her birth story. Having a baby towards the end of the pandemic had its challenges, one of them being her doula could not physically attend her birth.…

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Using the Power Centers to Explore Connection to Self Identity and Your Role as a Parent, Pt 3/3

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing, Podcast, Sex & Intimacy October 19, 2023

This podcast episode is the last of a three part foundational series we use in Hypnobirthing and we can now dive into a fascinating discussion about self-awareness, intuition, and connection during the birth and parenting process. Ashley and I explain how we use affirmations and…

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Navigating Pregnancy and Birth: The Power of Informed Consent and Autonomy, Pt 2/3

By: Care Messer Childbirth education, Hypnobirthing, Podcast October 12, 2023

Today’s show is part two of our early education series and Ashley and I dive into the crucial topics of informed consent and autonomy during pregnancy and birth. And honestly, they extend through postpartum. Drawing from our own experiences and perspectives, we want you to…

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Choice, Consent & Connection: The Trilogy of Empowered Birth, Pt 1/3

By: Care Messer Childbirth education, Hypnobirthing, Podcast October 5, 2023

This is the first show of our 3 part series on the Three C’s we cover in Hypnobirthing classes – Choice, Consent & Connection. This is the episode to share with anyone who is thinking of becoming pregnant or who is newly pregnant so they…

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Hypnobirthing: “You can do anything for 3 & 1/2 minutes!”

By: Care Messer Birth Story, Hypnobirthing, Podcast September 27, 2023

(Full video on YouTube) Introducing Lily! Lily opens up about her a strong determination for an unmedicated birth and explains the extensive Hypnobirthing preparation she undertook to increase her chances of success. She added daily breathing practice, birth affirmations and meditations to shift her mindset.…

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