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Are Birth Classes Really Needed? | This OB says Yes!

By: admin Doulas, Education, Hypnobirthing August 27, 2020

Are birth classes really needed? This OB says YES! Dr. Capetanakis is one of San Diego’s best OB’s. In this video he describes the importance of education as a means to empower yourselves no matter what kind of birth you are planning for your baby. You baby’s birth day is one of the most important days of your life! Dr. …

Current Category: Hypnobirthing

How To Go With The Flow | A Birth Story

By: admin Hypnobirthing August 14, 2020

What an inspiring birth! Nikkala is a great story teller! Nikkala and her husband took Hypnobirthing classes, hired a doula and had one of the best care providers in town. She tells how her confidence levels skyrocketed while attending classes with her husband. Nikkala mentions what they learned in Breastfeeding and Newborn classes helped to strengthen their relationship and prepare …

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Trust Your Body

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing August 6, 2020

This is Jill’s second birth with us but this time it was a quarantine baby! Jill refreshed her skills by attending Release and Relax classes throughout her pregnancy and she hired a doula. She read an amazing book, Labor Like A Goddess, and added more “power of thought” to prepare for this birth process. Jill will walk you through the …

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Best Birth Book To Read | Labor Like A Goddess

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing July 16, 2020

What you read matters during pregnancy and so does the time and effort you put in to preparing! Many of our “main stream” birth books are full of fear and remind you of the things that can go wrong in pregnancy, labor and delivery. But you know what? Pregnancy, labor and delivery goes RIGHT most of the time when we …

Current Category: Hypnobirthing

Do I Need A Birth Class?

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing July 9, 2020

For this chiropractor and his wife, having a long, first birth showed them a few things they wanted to change up for this next one. Home birth and more intimate care from one on one midwives was the first change they made. With a few refresher classes under their belts, this baby put them to the test. Listening to the …

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How To Prepare For A Natural Birth

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing July 2, 2020

Hypnobirthing classes made the difference for this couples birth preparation. When Sami first found out she was pregnant, the words that ran though her mind were cesarean, morning sickness and pain. She’s also “throw-up-a-phobic” so that didn’t help her mindset either! Luckily, a few friends had recommended Hypnobirthing and that jump started their education. They hired a doula, switched providers …

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Be Your Best Advocate…

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing June 25, 2020

In part two of Vanessa and Eva’s birth story, we are talking about advocacy. Out of hospital education can explain what your options are for birth BUT it is you who need to make your voice heard and advocate for yourself. In this video, Vanessa and Eva tell another section of their birth story where they needed to make a …

Current Category: Hypnobirthing

It’s Your Baby’s Birth | A Birth Story

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing June 20, 2020

Part one of a TWO week video series! For Vanessa and Eva, having solid education was important for planning what kind of birth they wanted for their daughter. As classes progressed, Vanessa and Eva’s confidence in their bodies’ ability to birth grew solid. It was that confidence that allowed the birth process to play out as it should, even with …

Current Category: Hypnobirthing

When Should I Start Birth Classes?

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing May 26, 2020

When Should I Start Birth Classes? You will get many answers as to when you should start Hypnobirthing classes. Obviously, taking classes before labor begins is a great time! Each family unit is unique so here are a few things you should consider. The first, is to look over both yours and your partners schedules so you can both attend …

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Why Would You Switch To Home Birth?

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing May 14, 2020

Why would you move from a straightforward hospital birth to switching into a home birth at 39 weeks? Because you need to feel safe with your health care provider and you have choices in who that is. As the parents of this new baby, the hospital no longer felt like a good option. Once Brenna and Eric realized that their …

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Can You Have A Natural Birth When Induced?

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing May 1, 2020

Can you have a natural birth when induced? Yes, and you’ll need all the tools to help you through it! This couple spent the last 5 weeks of their pregnancy in Hypnobirthing class where they gathered tools they needed for the “plan” and “the unexpected,” which is just what showed up! Because of the confidence this couple gained through education, …

Current Category: Hypnobirthing

What To Expect In Hypnobirthing Classes

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing April 8, 2020

What To Expect In Hypnobirthing Classes Hypnobirthing? Don’t let the name throw you off. It’s not just for the hippie, crunchy folks(although I may be one of them at this point)!  This method of birth education started me on a journey of a lifetime. In fact, I only took Hypnobirthing classes because my doctor said I was allergic to all …

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How To Have A Great Birth!

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing January 16, 2020

Education gave this family all the tools they needed for what turned out to be a fast birth! Dad was along for the ride in classes but found that he was able to stay calm and move through the experience easily because of what they had practiced. Hiring a doula also gave this family reassurance as to when they should …

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What Partners Need to Know About Birth

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing December 19, 2019

For this couple – kids were never part of their life plan. But the decision to have a baby brought this dad the “greatest experience of his life.” After the birth, he sat down to take in the whole labor and birth and came up with four pillars of the birth experience that have now become the foundation for raising …

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Is Water Birth Better?

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing December 12, 2019

Is water birth better? Well – this mom thought so. It was accidental but just what she had envisioned when it came to her birth vision. One of the many lessons labor brought this couple was the importance of a sacred, calm laboring environment. Labor slowed as people showed up. Once people left and they got into their quiet interaction, …

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A C Section | Can It Be Gentle?

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing November 21, 2019

How did this mom go from planning a natural birth to fully embracing a gentle cesarean birth with no regrets? Education and the right support proved once again to make an unwanted scenario something manageable and smooth. Kristine and her husband took HypnoBirthing, read all the books, got an excellent care provider and hired two doulas. The birth doula, who …

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A Home Birth

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing November 14, 2019

On Saturday evening before our estimated due date, I had a little bloody show that we took as a sign that we’d be starting labor soon. Although “Dr. Google“ suggested that it could still be as much as 2 weeks away… Regardless, I decided to treat myself to a relaxing Epson salt bath while listening to my birth playlist and HypnoBirthing …

Current Category: Hypnobirthing

Why A Home Birth?

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing November 14, 2019

Why not a home birth? Before classes, this mom had known that a home birth was the direction she wanted to head but her husband was not on board. Through education, healthy checkups and a lot of questions – things changed. Choosing the right support team (a doula, two midwives and a granny) this family created an amazing environment for …

Current Category: Hypnobirthing

How Is A Birth Center Different?

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing November 7, 2019

Having a baby at a birth center and working with midwives, may give you different options in your labor and birth that are just not offered in a typical hospital setting. Be also forewarned, that working late into the end of pregnancy that you may not get that 2 or 3 week rest break before baby arrives! This mom took …

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Our Birth Story

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing October 14, 2019

Hi Ashley, Care & The San Diego HypnoBirthing Team! My husband and I took your class at the Birth Education Center this past April/May. We wanted to send you a little update regarding the birth of our daughter this June. And also thank you! Your class was absolutely essential to our pregnancy and birth experience. We had an overwhelmingly positive …


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