How To Be A Birth Advocate

By: Care Messer | Advocacy, Birth Doula, Podcast | March 21, 2024

Todays show is all about advocacy in the birth room. While this episode is the third in our World Doula Week shows, I also don’t want to limit it just to doulas because parents will be using these skills in prenatal appointments and pediatric appointments for years to come! Traci Doula is my guest today, who will also be my guest in October when I host her doula training Keeping Your Power® Advocacy in Action Workshop here in San Diego. I want to mention her 2024 trainings in Denver(May), Spokane(July), Boston & Oregon(Sept), San Diego(Oct) and Calgary in November.

Traci has been in birth work for over 25 years. Our discussion goes into detail about what advocacy is, why many doulas don’t feel comfortable with it and how lack of communication around that with parents can unintentionally be causing harm to the families we serve.

One of the reasons I wanted to host Traci’s training in San Diego is because I know first hand that when doulas have the same background in training, they communicate differently, feel more supported and stay in the work longer and stay mentally healthier. Today’s show has a lot of somethings for everyone!

You can follow @TraciDoula on IG and @TraciDoula4 on Tiktok. And for one on one mentoring or Life Coaching – her website is Sign up and we’ll see her in October!

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About the author:
Care is the founder of the Birth Education Center, San Diego HypnoBirthing and Cuddle Sanctuary San Diego. She is a Birth Educator, Hypnotherapist, Birth and Postpartum Doula, INNATE Care Provider, Erotic Blueprint Coach and also professional Cuddler. She specializes in connection work between people and increasing self boundaries for a more balanced life together.


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