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In this pregnancy meditation, we will explore choice with the thoughts you let into your mind each day. Your thoughts generate the feelings in your body and this is what your baby is feeling in the womb. As you do this meditation – enjoy the feelings that come. You may notice a feeling of calm that comes over you. That feeling may feel foreign, especially during this quarantine period we are in. You may notice you are breathing better than you have in a few weeks. Good – more of that please! THAT stuff is what needs to become a regular thing for your baby to feel too. Your baby relies on you to navigate their world and they want to feel safe. Your baby looks to you for comfort. Learning to switch your fearful thoughts into loving ones, takes practice. It is something you can do each day as your baby is tucked safely inside and a practice that you need to take into parenting. Will you be perfect at it? No. But you can stop, breathe and start again. Life is always about reset and trying again. Heart based thoughts keep your baby feeling safe and protected and it is a choice to choose love over fear.

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