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This is an alternative meditation or a complete substitution for a one-time fear release meditation.


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This meditation moves you through your pregnancy and into the birthing and parenting journey that lies ahead. In this oceanic visualization, we recognize the unknowns at the beginning of your birthing experience. “Perhaps those were unsettling birth stories, worries, frustrations, unmet needs and hesitations that loomed in front of you as you began this journey into parenthood.” Then we build on the skills tools and support that you have built along the way. “A recognition that everything’s going to be okay. You know more and are more prepared than you once thought. You have done your best to keep your baby at the center of all the decisions you have made and know that you will keep your baby in the center of all the decisions that are upcoming. Even if parenting is new to you, you are confident in your ability to love and make decisions from love. Love is what will best serve your baby and your family.”

This is an alternative meditation or a complete substitution for a one-time fear release meditation.


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