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Do Babies Remember Their Birth? Yes they do…

By: Care Messer Induction September 9, 2021

DID YOU KNOW THAT BABIES REMEMBER THEIR BIRTH?  Storytime folks… Yes, babies remember their birth. And if that’s true then you remember your birth. You may not remember your birth as a cognitive memory but you feel it inside and hold that memory within your…

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What Happens If You Don’t Get Induced?

By: Jennifer Cole Induction September 5, 2021

As we like to teach to our expectant families here at the Birth Education Center, “no” is a complete sentence. Just because your care provider has scheduled an induction for you doesn’t mean that you have to consent to it or show up at the…

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What Should I Do The Night Before My Induction?

By: Jennifer Cole Induction August 29, 2021

After all the weeks of waiting for the big day when your baby will arrive, it has come to this: your care provider has recommended an induction as the safest way of going into labor rather than waiting for you to go into labor on…

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What Happens If You Don’t Dilate After An Induction?

By: Jennifer Cole Induction August 15, 2021

If your care provider has recommended that your labor be induced—which technically means that your cervix and uterus will be artificially stimulated to kickstart labor—you probably have a lot of questions. Aside from whether or not your doctor can force you to be induced, you…

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Can a Doctor Force You to be Induced?

By: Jennifer Cole Induction August 1, 2021

If you are like most expectant parents, you’ve been eagerly anticipating the arrival of your baby ever since you became pregnant. As you’ve counted down the weeks, you have grown increasingly excited to meet your baby and experience what it feels like to go into…

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How Long Does a Labor Induction Take?

By: Jennifer Cole Induction January 21, 2021

You may have recently discovered that you’re a candidate for induction. There are various reasons for inductions to be recommended or required; everything from medical conditions like Preeclampsia and Gestational Diabetes, to being overdue (aka “post-dates”), to concerns about your baby and/or placenta in utero.…

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Is My Body Ready For an Induction?

By: Jennifer Cole Induction January 15, 2021

You may have heard or read that inductions can prolong labor and make the already long and arduous process of labor and childbirth take even longer. Nobody wants that, right? But perhaps you’re facing a medical issue, like Preeclampsia or Gestational Diabetes, which is making…

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Is Labor Induction Safe at 39 Weeks?

By: Jennifer Cole Induction January 3, 2021

Is the reason this blog caught your eye have to do with the fact that at your last prenatal appointment your doctor recommended inducing your labor at 39 weeks instead of allowing you to go into labor naturally? Did this recommendation totally throw you because…

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Getting an Epidural?

By: Jennifer Cole Induction December 18, 2020

If you’re newly pregnant and trying to decide the type of birth experience you want for yourself and your baby, one of the biggest choices you’ll be faced with has to do with pain management. When polling your friends and family, you may discover that…

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Can a Doula Help with My Induction?

By: Care Messer Induction November 18, 2020

DOULAS ARE ONLY FOR UNMEDICATED BIRTHS? Based on everything you’ve heard, the only time you should hire a doula is when you’re planning on an unmedicated labor in a deep porcelain birth tub surrounded with lit candles, essential oils, flowers and listening to whale sounds,…

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