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By: Jill Mesaros Postpartum April 9, 2018

We all do it…all the time.  We anticipate, we project, we imagine, we fantasize; we EXPECT specific results to everything that happens in life.  This is a perfectly human thing to do, but we need to be aware that expectations more often than not lead…

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Physiolgic Postpartum Care: Re-Membering Our Global Postpartum Tradition

By: Rachelle Garcia Seliga Postpartum April 4, 2018

The original postpartum traditions throughout the world while specific to the cultural context in which they come—all share deep, common roots. Postpartum traditions all mandate: heat-inducing therapies; an extended resting period; specific foods that are warming in nature and easy to digest; and bodywork. These…

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Power of Love

By: Jill Mesaros Postpartum April 2, 2018

Through my work at a prenatal wellness center, I am privileged to see couples going through the joys and fears of pregnancy and new parenthood. It is an honor to share in these precious moments. This morning I saw a young man holding his 8-day-old daughter.  Her tiny…

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By: Jill Mesaros Postpartum March 26, 2018

Let’s face it; your whole life has been thrown out of kilter.  Your sleeping and eating patterns have been interrupted, your hormones have shifted, your relationship with your partner has changed and you’re not even sure exactly how just yet. All you know is you…

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Words of Advice

By: Jill Mesaros Postpartum March 19, 2018

You’re home with your new baby.  What can I tell you that will help you through this most joyful and exhausting time of life? I can tell you that someday you will look back on your child’s infant years and be completely shocked by how…

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