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Postpartum Traditions from Around the World: China

By: Jennifer Cole Postpartum March 30, 2021

We are taking some time to learn about how other cultures from around the world handle the period of postpartum in contrast to what we do here in the United States. Or, perhaps more accurately, what we don’t do here in the United States.  As…

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Postpartum Traditions from Around the World: Latin America

By: Jennifer Cole Postpartum March 23, 2021

The postpartum period, aka the fourth trimester, is a critically important transitional time that should focus exclusively on bonding with your baby, healing your body, and adjusting to parenthood. Unfortunately in the United States, the postpartum period is often rushed through or ignored entirely; birthing…

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Setting Boundaries with Family After Baby Arrives

By: Jennifer Cole Postpartum March 15, 2021

Pregnancy brings so many new things into our lives that are both exciting yet often overwhelming because they’re happening to us all at once. While it’s normal and reasonable for us to focus most of our attention on our ever changing bodies and preparations for…

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How To Help Parents With A New Baby

By: Care Messer Community, Education, Postpartum April 25, 2019

When it comes to support in the Postpartum time – there are so many things that are different now. Just a few years ago – our grandparents parented at a time when we were guessing on so many ideas without any factual, science-based evidence for…

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Setting Yourself Up For Breastfeeding Success

By: Anita Butler Breastfeeding, Postpartum November 29, 2018

You’re through the first two trimesters of your pregnancy, and now entering the “home stretch” – yaaaay!  This whole “I’m having a baby” thing is becoming more and more real!  You may have already set up the nursery (or not!), set up your gift registry,…

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Breastfeeding Is A Journey You Can Get Through

By: Care Messer Breastfeeding, Parenting, Postpartum November 6, 2018

Allison’s Story “I think the majority of mamas hope to breastfeed. I had my heart SET on it. I grew up hearing stories from my mom about nursing my brother and me into our toddler years, and I expected it to be no different for…

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Who’s Teaching Who?

By: Jill Mesaros Parenting, Postpartum May 24, 2018

When I found out my daughter was pregnant I began to imagine what it would be like to be a grandma.  I fantasized about the kind of grandma I would be. I conjured up elaborate scenarios of teaching my grandchild about life, about the importance…

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The Survivor’s Road to Parenthood, Postpartum and Breastfeeding, Part 4

By: Anita Butler Breastfeeding, Postpartum, Sexual Abuse May 10, 2018

We’ve all heard the stories, whether from friends, personal acquaintances, or on the news:  A postpartum woman has done the unthinkable, whether to her baby or to herself, leaving her loved ones and so many others in unimaginable shock and grief.  Seldom are we ever…

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Aligning Heart and Mind for Humankind’s Evolution

By: Rachelle Garcia Seliga Postpartum, Pregnancy April 21, 2018

Innate’ is that which is natural and inherent. ‘Traditions’ are those teachings that are passed down from one generation to the next. Our innate physiological design offers us a map to health and wellness. We THRIVE when we follow that which has been laid out…

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By: Jill Mesaros Postpartum April 9, 2018

We all do it…all the time.  We anticipate, we project, we imagine, we fantasize; we EXPECT specific results to everything that happens in life.  This is a perfectly human thing to do, but we need to be aware that expectations more often than not lead…

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