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Which Doula Training Is Best?

By: Jennifer Cole Doulas January 2, 2021

If you are considering becoming a doula, whether it be a birth or postpartum doula, then a question you might be asking yourself is which organization is the best one to receive training and certification from? You may have already discovered that a lot of…

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How Do I Become A Doula?

By: Jennifer Cole Doulas December 17, 2020

I can still remember the day I decided to leave my 20+ year career in corporate real estate behind and become a birth doula. I knew I wanted to do something else with my life but wasn’t sure where my talents could be best utilized…

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Can a Doula Help with My Induction?

By: Care Messer Birth Doula, Doulas November 18, 2020

Based on everything you’ve heard, the only time you should hire a doula is when you’re planning on an unmedicated labor in a deep porcelain birth tub surrounded with lit candles, essential oils, flowers and listening to whale sounds, right? Nope. For example, a doula…

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A Doula In Your Pocket Is Better Than No Doula | Story 4

By: Birth Education Center Doulas August 24, 2020

From Jennifer: When Ana reached out to me in January 2020 I was so excited to support her for her first pregnancy. We had met years earlier at a local improv theater and used to go head-to-head at improv cage matches – it was funny…

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Will A Doula Replace My Partner?

By: Birth Education Center Doulas May 23, 2020

So, you’ve been considering hiring a birth doula because you’ve heard how supportive and helpful they can be when you’re in labor, but what about your partner? Aren’t they the one who’s supposed to support you through labor? Are they going to feel like you…

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Do I Need A Doula If I Am Getting An Epidural?

By: Birth Education Center Doulas May 23, 2020

So you’re pregnant and you’ve heard about these wonderful doula people (mostly women, but not always) who you can hire to support you during your birth. Sounds tremendous, right? Just imagining that there will be a person in the room whose sole priority is to…

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Do I Need A Doula If I’m Having a C Section?

By: Birth Education Center Doulas April 23, 2020

When you first found out you were pregnant you might have considered hiring a doula to assist you and your partner to support you in labor. You had probably read about the research that has shown that when a woman receives continuous support through her…

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Why Should I Hire a Doula Early?

By: Birth Education Center Doulas, Pregnancy April 23, 2020

When it comes to hiring a birth doula, you may be thinking that since you won’t be needing them until the very end of your pregnancy, there’s no need to hire one until a few weeks before your guess date. But before you decide you…

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A Doula In Your Pocket Is Better Than No Doula | Story 3

By: Care Messer Doulas April 5, 2020

From Willow: Recently I had one of my families go into labor knowing I wouldn’t be able to join them at the hospital. This was upsetting for everyone but this did not change my availability to them or my ability to support them. It did,…

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A Doula In Your Pocket – Is Better Than No Doula | Story 2

By: Care Messer Birth, Birth Doula, Doulas April 3, 2020

This story of virtual doula service comes from Monet Combs of Mama Magic Birth Services. Having a VBAC(Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) can be a lot of work to set up depending on what type of hospital and provider you have. VBAC families need to be…

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