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Is Water Birth Better?

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing December 12, 2019

Is water birth better? Well – this mom thought so. It was accidental but just what she had envisioned when it came to her birth vision. One of the many lessons labor brought this couple was the importance of a sacred, calm laboring environment. Labor…

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A C Section | Can It Be Gentle?

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing November 21, 2019

How did this mom go from planning a natural birth to fully embracing a gentle cesarean birth with no regrets? Education and the right support proved once again to make an unwanted scenario something manageable and smooth. Kristine and her husband took HypnoBirthing, read all…

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A Home Birth

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing November 15, 2019

On Saturday evening before our estimated due date, I had a little bloody show that we took as a sign that we’d be starting labor soon. Although “Dr. Google“ suggested that it could still be as much as 2 weeks away… Regardless, I decided to treat…

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Why A Home Birth?

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing November 14, 2019

Why not a home birth? Before classes, this mom had known that a home birth was the direction she wanted to head but her husband was not on board. Through education, healthy checkups and a lot of questions – things changed. Choosing the right support…

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How Is A Birth Center Different?

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing November 7, 2019

Having a baby at a birth center and working with midwives, may give you different options in your labor and birth that are just not offered in a typical hospital setting. Be also forewarned, that working late into the end of pregnancy that you may…

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Our Birth Story

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing October 14, 2019

Hi Ashley, Care & The San Diego HypnoBirthing Team! My husband and I took your class at the Birth Education Center this past April/May. We wanted to send you a little update regarding the birth of our daughter this June. And also thank you! Your…

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Why Should I Give Birth In A Birth Center?

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing October 3, 2019

Davina first contacted me when she found out she was pregnant. She and her husband were stationed in Jacksonville Florida but would be moving to San Diego by mid pregnancy. She got all the latest information on the best care providers, what classes she could…

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Why Does Breath Work With Labor?

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing September 26, 2019

Rachel’s choice for a natural birth took practice, intention and a lot of patience with her body. As a massage therapist she understood the power of the mind- body connection and the importance of breath as our biggest asset and tool in life. Hiring a…

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Why Birth Outside Of The Hospital?

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing September 19, 2019

So you already heard this registered nurse give a testimonial for birth classes and why they are important… Now you get to hear her birth story about an out-of-hospital birth center. Why would an RN choose out of hospital birth when she works at a…

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How to Prepare for Your Natural Birth | A Birth Story

By: Care Messer Hypnobirthing June 21, 2019

Meet January, James and Jack! January had a very specific picture in her mind about what she wanted her birth to look like. So her trick was starting out with the end result and then working her way backwards in figuring out how to get…

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