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FUN Before The Baby Comes | Things To Do Before You Deliver

By: Care Messer Birth, Pregnancy, Sex & Intimacy October 26, 2018

Are you making the most of your time before this baby gets here? I hear so many parents express regret for not relaxing more during their pregnancy and enjoying each other as a couple. It seems kind of counter intuitive because you’re preparing for a baby and there’s so much to do ahead of time. But don’t get so caught …

Current Category: Sex & Intimacy

Sexy Birth – Oh, It’s a THING!

By: Care Messer Birth, Sex & Intimacy August 16, 2018

Sexy birth – You down? Believe it or not, there is a sexy side to labor and birth that does not get addressed in normal conversation. I don’t know if it’s because of our countries foundational Puritan values or if people just have so much shame around sex that it’s too embarrassing to talk about. You know that 99. 9% …

Current Category: Sex & Intimacy

Sex During Pregnancy! Why You Should Keep Doing It…

By: Care Messer Birth, Sex & Intimacy June 13, 2018

One of the main reasons I talk about sex, educate about the sexiness of sex and keep the sex talk fun with the families I serve is to bring about the connection factor between the two of them. Sex is the direct line to how most of us get to the planet. It’s one of our greatest commonalities among humans …

Current Category: Sex & Intimacy

The Biggest Difference Between Men and Women | What You Need to Know

By: Care Messer Education, Sex & Intimacy May 30, 2018

What’s The Biggest Difference between Men and Women? Are our bodies that different? The penis and the vagina are more alike than you think. Today we’re giving you the run down on boy parts VS girl parts – stuff the tennis coach left out of your high school sex ed class! All perfectly made with similar functions. Before we get …

Current Category: Sex & Intimacy

Who is this lady talking about Babies?

By: Care Messer Birth, Education, Sex & Intimacy May 23, 2018

  What do we need to talk about with sex, pregnancy and birth to help labor be smooth? Care has figured it out! Her off the wall approach to vaginas, brings laughter and a silliness to the somber and fearful topic, that is birth. Having open class discussions about things usually not talked about – develops connection and an excitement …


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