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Preserving the Golden Hour With A Cesarean

By: Jennifer Cole Newborn Procedures July 11, 2021

When you find out you’re going to have a cesarean birth, it’s common to feel like you’ve lost something. The vision you had for your birth may have been vastly different. Perhaps you were planning an unmedicated birth with the bare minimum of interventions or…

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The Correlation Between Early Skin-to-Skin Contact & Breast/Chestfeeding

By: Jennifer Cole Newborn Procedures June 27, 2021

The evidence is clear: the physiological condition that promotes successful breastfeeding is early skin-to skin-contact between baby and birthing parent. What happens during the first hour of life is critical for a baby’s future growth and development. In fact, “The benefits of skin-to-skin contact immediately…

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A Birth Plan for Your Baby

By: Jennifer Cole Newborn Procedures June 13, 2021

When you are preparing to give birth, it’s easy to forget a basic fact that is at once obvious yet often overlooked: This is your baby’s birth. They will only get to experience their first moments out of the womb ONCE.  How do you want…

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Get a Therapist Early

By: Jennifer Cole Pregnancy May 31, 2021

If you’re currently pregnant, you’ve probably already heard about postpartum depression. It’s a widely talked about mood disorder that affects birthing people in the days and weeks following giving birth to their baby. After you have your baby, your care provider will normally ask you…

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Early Labor: Please Listen to Your Midwife!

By: Jennifer Cole Pregnancy May 17, 2021

You have probably read about the way labor normally starts, at least most of the time. Normally you notice that the painless Braxton-Hicks contractions you’ve been experiencing in the last few weeks of pregnancy have begun to be accompanied by a sensation similar to menstrual…

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Creating a Postpartum “No Judgment Zone”

By: Jennifer Cole Postpartum May 3, 2021

The first days and weeks of postpartum can be a rollercoaster. From the moment you give birth, your body begins to gradually transition back to its pre-pregnancy version of itself, albeit with some significant changes like lactating breasts and perhaps a stretch mark or two. …

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What You Should Know About Advanced Maternal Age

By: Jennifer Cole Pregnancy April 26, 2021

I recently watched a webinar offered by Rebecca Dekker from Evidence Based Birth (EBB). If you’ve never checked out her website before, you should. It’s chock full of data about childbirth that’s, you guessed it, evidence-based. The subject of the webinar was Advanced Maternal Age,…

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I’m Pregnant and Scared to Give Birth

By: Jennifer Cole Pregnancy April 12, 2021

You’re sitting in an old-timey wooden rocking chair wearing a fuzzy yellow robe that weirdly looks just like the one you had when you were 11. In your arms, you’re holding the sweetest, most adorable tiny baby you’ve ever laid eyes on. She’s looking up…

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Postpartum Traditions from Around the World: India

By: Jennifer Cole Postpartum April 5, 2021

In our two previous blogs, we learned about the postpartum traditions of Latin America and China that are still in practice today. What’s been interesting to observe so far is how similar these traditions are to one another despite the geographic and cultural divides of…

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Postpartum Traditions from Around the World: China

By: Jennifer Cole Postpartum March 30, 2021

We are taking some time to learn about how other cultures from around the world handle the period of postpartum in contrast to what we do here in the United States. Or, perhaps more accurately, what we don’t do here in the United States.  As…

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