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Do I Really Need A Doula? Part 1

By: Care Messer Birth Doula, Doulas, Podcast February 8, 2024

Today’s show is about why you should add a doula to your birth team and how doing so can cut your risk of cesarean by almost 40%! There is a lot of hesitation sometimes when the idea of a birth doula comes up. While some…

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How to Prepare for Birth – Tamra’s Hypnobirthing Story

By: Care Messer Birth Story, Hypnobirthing, Podcast February 1, 2024

In today’s show we are talking with Tamra about her birth story and she used the Hypnobirthing techniques to take great care of herself during labor. Tamra started her birth preparation early because she realized that she didn’t want to be dependent on outside elements…

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Sex and Intimacy During Pregnancy

By: Care Messer Podcast, Pregnancy, Sex & Intimacy January 25, 2024

Today’s show is a bit spicy! I got up close and personal with Dr. Rose Schlaff– the wizard of physical therapy and a guru of getting your groove back, especially when baby bumps and babies are in the picture! We dive into the nitty-gritty of…

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How to Become a Postpartum Doula

By: Care Messer Doulas, Podcast, Postpartum January 18, 2024

I want to say this show is for doulas and childbirth educators BUT – there is also so much good information for parents in here! In this podcast episode, Darla Burns, a long time CAPPA postpartum doula trainer discusses the multifaceted role of postpartum doulas.…

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How to Rank on Google Search

By: Care Messer Doula Business, Doulas, Podcast January 11, 2024

It’s 2024! It’s time to ramp up your website for the new year and bring in those babies! In this show, we are talking with Becky DeGrossa, a business mentor and SEO strategist! Becky is here to offer help into optimizing your website for doulas…

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The Power of Flexibility: Clarisa’s Birth Story, Lessons in Embracing the Unexpected

By: Care Messer Birth Story, Hypnobirthing, Podcast January 4, 2024

It’s a birth story show! Trigger warning for anyone who prefers not to hear about miscarriage. Clarisa came through our Hypnobirthing series and the vision of her birth only became stronger. Labor and babies however, are a wild card in the equation and her journey…

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The Importance of Self-Advocacy and Community Support in Birth Work and Parenting

By: Care Messer Community, Doulas, Podcast December 28, 2023

This is our end-of-year wrap-up show! Allie Putnam, a former doula and host of The Birth Kweens podcast, joins to interview me! These first few months of podcasting have broken me in as far as doubling my workload and they have also pushed my edges…

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How to Become a Doula: Balancing Your Passion and Self Care

By: Care Messer Birth Doula, Doulas, Podcast December 21, 2023

So, if you’re curious about the realities of being a doula and want some idea of what your life will look like, this podcast episode is a must-listen! Ashley and I talk frankly about the on-call life and keeping your family the first priority. Work…

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From Fear to Confidence: Overcoming Anxieties in Pregnancy and Childbirth

By: Care Messer Birth Story, Childbirth education, Podcast December 14, 2023

 This podcast episode kicks off our series called Tips from a Birth Educator. I met our guest Latoya Murray Johnson, founder of The Birth Impact, online a few years ago and she is one of my favorite people! I hope you stay around until…

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The Unique Perspective of Childless Doulas: Supporting Birth Without Personal Experience

By: Care Messer Doulas, Education, Podcast December 6, 2023

Today’s show is a mentoring call for doulas but ALSO provides great information for parents considering hiring a doula without kids. Ali Feroah, the former host of Birth Kweens joins us today along with Ellie Oberg, a fellow doula without kids! Sometimes parents are hesitant…

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